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MS SQL Server issue, schema is not showing in VS

I am new to Valentina Studio Pro. I have a connection to a MS SQLServer database. However, VS is not showing me the schema. I can query data, but not see the schema. Since this is important to my dev workflow how do I make it visible. I can see ...

Edit Field positions in tables

I am revising and editing tables of a database that was imported into PostgreSQL. I have found that some data type conversions throw errors so I am deleting the field and adding it again with the desired data type. When doing so, and also when adding...

Bookmarks gone from "Schema Editor" in VS 13?

In Valentina Studio 12 (free version), I could always see my Bookmarks in the Schema Editor tab like in the following screenshot: file:///media/sf_vbox_shared/valentina-12-bookmarks.png I just installed version 13, and the Bookmarks are nowhere...

Attach script to creation of table object

When I forward engineer from a diagram, sometimes there is SQL I want to add to the script. For instance, GRANT and REVOKE , INSERT into constant tables, CREATE EXTENSION . Is there any provision for this? Per object would be great, ...

Having a hard time creating a Diagram for the Schema

Hi, I use Valentina Studio Pro 11.3.1 (64-bit). I would like to created a diagram for the schema and be able to print it so it's readable. First problem, there is no way to specify paper size, only Pixel size. I had Studio auto generate the ...

v9.1 changes broke schema editor customization functionality

It appears there are some regression bugs creeping into v9.1 which were not present in v9.0. This is a new one related to the "look and feel" of the application (yes, I have noticed the change to how it looks now, changes between 9.1 and 9...
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