Valentina Studio Features In Depth

Dynamic, highly customized reports through scripting of Reports Objects

Valentina Reports Designer is the easy to use, drag and drop environment for building reports with Reports Objects. In addition, charts, graphs, barcodes, grids, images, html objects, labels, text boxes, and other Reports Objects are all scriptable.

You can read and change the properties of a report, cursor, and controls, call their methods and define parameters - everything at runtime. Define properties and methods for the report object. You can also dynamically create, change and modify SQL with supported languages.

Scripting Reports with JavaScript

If you are coming from web development, you can appreciate support for JavaScript in Valentina Reports.

Scripting Valentina Reports with Javascript

Scripting Reports with Python

If JavaScript isn't your language of choice, you can also leverage Valentina Reports support for Python scripting.

Scripting Valentina Reports with Python