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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b10' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
In b10 we get the following major changes

Valentina Studio

* more Retina - ready icons
* Server Admin for Valentina SQLite Server
* One more Auth method for MS SQL Server
* Many improve in SQL Editor,

Valentina Server

* This is first beta build where Vserver and VStudio should work fine together for SQLite Server
You are welcome to start beta testing of our Valentina SQLite Server!

Valentina Engine

* new TRUNCATE [Table] T command
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
Complete list of our GIT commits between b8 and b10

bench projct - serials updated to 2015 year
fix save query from SQL Editor to file
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: format code
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: fetch info about local servers
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: discover names of local SQL server instances
LT: fixed update of keyboard shortcuts on selection change in native Cocoa search field (OS X 10.10)
small fixes
main() extracted into seprate _main.cpp file
add whitespace if need on paste text from side panel
V4RB - SDK 7.0 - removing wrongfully placed files
remove color schemes from menu in SQL Editor
update scintilla color scheme on change setting's entry
add sql color scheme to preferences, clean code
xcode - bench project marked as warns = errs
clean code
xcode - bench project made UP TO DATE.
Valentina: updated/added tests
linux V4REV - new LiveCode SDK (7.0)
UI cosmetic
UI cosmetic for gtk+ style
UI cosmetic
Visual V4REV - new LiveCode SDK (7.0)
xCode V4REV - new LiveCode SDK (7.0)
fixed build on OS X
update icons
use selected text if any as default value for new snippet
various changes
changes for SQL Editor
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: added methods to read data from registry. TODO: At this moment, I can'...
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: preparation steps to discover local SQL Server instances - changed UI,...
small changes
allow to edit snippets
apply button must be used to close dialog only after verifying
various changes for recents lists
fix auto expand widgets in forms
bench - some corrections, old kernel_2, cosmetic
removed files - lost old
added some V4RB_Bench project from RZ desktop ... many months was here. Don't remember what is it...
Valentina: create 4-file database by default
small fix
clean code
allow to drag templates, show tooltips for templates
UI cosmetic
FIX #4916 -- default params of prcoedure as = FALSE, = TRUE, = UNKNOWN
allow to use original style colors for highlighted text in scintilla
UI cosmetic
UI cosmetic
add menu to templates
clean code
implement menu for snippets
fix don't expand layout if force set only vgrow or hgrow
UI cosmetic
paste template by double click
[MSSQL] Server Admin: corrections to change user password
[VSTUDIO] updated visual project: added new files
LT: allowed scrolling in Cocoa search field
FIX for win script comple_all_32 ... adding check of errors after APP and each plugin of vstudio ...
updated Xcode project - added file to APP
LT: implemented undo/redo actions for Cocoa search field, use notifications to not interfere with...
split recent queries and snippets to separate classes
fix update tree on update stepparent
add button to delete query
UI cosmetic
add button to create query from SQL Editor
add method to set query's text
fix old Makefiles
UI cosmetic
LT: implemented cut and paste actions for native Cocoa search field
LT: implemented clear and copy actions for native search field
[VREPORT] updated xcode project: excluded files for the oracle datasource
[VREPORT] excluded files for the oracle datasource
[VREPORT] fixed build on linux: exclude files of orqcle datasource from build
LT: fixed focus tracking for native Cocoa search field, fixed select all method, enabled CMD+A sh...
added svg icons
fix build on OS X
insert children names on double click list in sql editor
clean code
DataEditor: added Truncate action to Record menu
MAC - VCSDK packaging - pluged into ALL scripts.
v2-parser fixed conflict for "SELECT TRUNCATE(1.33)"
[VSTUDIO] updated visual prject for all configurationz
[VSTUDIO] updated visual project
Valentina: added Truncate action to context menu of the table
added svg icons
fixed build on OS X
v2 - parser - make optional [TABLE]
extends lists menu for sql editor schema tree
update scintilla to latest version
UI cosmetic
enable tests for list model
implement mimeData for list and tree models
add LTreeWithFilter class (need to improve)
UI cosmetic
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: connect using info about discovered servers
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: format code. Fetch and show server info
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: added code to monitor network (as it is, without formatting and printi...
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: UI corrections
[MSSQL] Connection Widgetprepared class to discover servers
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: UI corrections for not Win platforms
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: UI corrections for logical structure
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: use ability to discover server for standard connection too
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: Prepared widget to discover servers on Win
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: corrected UI for windows auth method
v2 - parser - implemented TRUNCATE TABLE T.
VReport: added Oracle OCI.dll to "Delay Load DLLs" list on windows
visual FIX of build
one more fix of experimental code
fix again - removed macros
removed dead header
FBL_ArraySet class improve a little by refactoring. Single return in func, else...
WOW - addition!!! XCODE can do cover-code for tests.
doxy-comments. XCODE respects it and use it.
Test for I_SqliteStatement::get_OriginalQuery()
removed unused method
removed constants for unused icons
removed already updated icons, icons and images that are not used at all
DataEditor: correction for columns/rows keyboard navigation
UI cosmetic
DataEditor: fix to apply field value on move to next/prev record
updated Xcode project - removed files from LT
UI cosmetic
fix set icon for submenu
update icon
update icon
add icon
small changes
fix update side panel on rename bookmark
Stub/proxy for I_SqliteStatement::get_OriginalQuery()
fix and clean postgre create database dialog
I_SqliteStatement - more comments + prepare for get_OriginalQuery()
check column count on create new table, add flag ELEngineFeatures::kAllowTableWithoutColumns
Fix for netbeans vKernel_test project.
don't generate query to create SQLite table without columns
fix generate query to create new sqlite table
workaround to log queries (in vstudio) for SQLite without vkernel
fix after merge
various changes
UI cosmetic
various changes
changes for multiparent items
remove LTreeItemProxy
changes for models and views
changes for models
add check
add modeltest
move templates to tree
Fix for visual vKernel_test project.
Truncate - tests, sql-node
added svg icon
ReportEditor: replaced pointers to references and instances, removed unused members
ReportEditor: replaced pointers to instances
[MSSQL] corrections for windows authentication. Note: I found the way to implement all kinds of w...
[MSSQL] Connection Widget: use class members instead of pointers
added try-catch
renamed icon constant
added SVG icon
Valentina: restored connection ID property - it is used for locks in server project
[VSTUDIO] fixed build for visual
[MSSQL] Dialog Create Database: use class members instead of pointers
[MSSQL] Dilaog Create Database: corrections for fetching default paths
[MSSQL] corrections for droping single-user database
[MSSQL] corrections for creating database in single-user mode
vClient implementation for I_Table::Truncate()
vKernel implementation for I_Table::Truncate()
Stub/proxy for I_Table::Truncate()
Test for zero physical record count after delete-all-records.
Manual test for "recursive segment allocating in the db". No issues for now.
Postgres: fix for custom dump format loading
LoadDump wizard: fix for local databases
[MSSQL] few corrections to support single user mode. Not finished
[MSSQL] show single-user status of database
[RECOURCES] added icon
[QUERY EDITOR] corrected tests, fixes to avoid asserts
[VREPORT] fixed tests for datasources
[MSSQL] Model: fixed reading link properties
[MSSQL] Tests: corrected, added test for dump
DataEditor: fix set blob values at correct position
DataEditor: fixed asserts
DataEditor: fixed asserts
show correct result message in load dump wizard
[LT] Task Dump Tables: corrected the dump algorithm to process links properly
[MSSQL] Tests Dump: added method to check the dump text
[MSSQL] Model: corrected generating query for table's PK index, to prevent errors on execute this...
[MSSQL] Model: removed asserts
fixed crash
use new icons, correction
added SVG icons
[MSSQL] fixed tests
[MSSQL] fixed tests
[MSSQL] fixed crash
[MSSQL] Corrections for Connection::Close(), corrected test
switch to Schema Editor after creation of a new database
Valentina: translate check messages
use checks
Valentina: restored checks of DB format versions and rollback journal
[POSTGRE] Server Admin: small corrections
[POSTGRE] Server Admin: UI corrections - use class members instead for pointers
[MYSQ] Server Admin: UI corrections - use class members instead for pointers
fix assert in a case of query to connection
added svg icons
enabling only PRIV tests, because go slow, and looks to be 300Mb file ... Wow... only 1 class ...
first attempt to add macros, and use them in ArraySet.cpp
Fixed freezing after cration of a new object on OS X. Always execute FlushDelayed() before accept...
[MSSQL] Server Admin: replaced pointers to references
[VALENTINA] Server Admin: corrections for SNMP
[SQLITE] Server Admin: filter conncetions count
[SERVER ADMIN] Refactoring: removed cached property, added interface method
[MSSQL] Server Admin: refactoring - removed unused cached constant
[POSTGRE] Server Admin: refactoring - removed unused cached constant
[MYSQL] Server Admin: refactoring - removed unused cached constant
[VALENTINA] Server Admin: refactoring - removed unused cached constant
[VALENTINA] SNMP: renamed SNMP methods
[VALENTINA] Server Adimin: small fixes for SNMP
[SQLITE] Server Admin: format code
[SQLITE] Server Admin: UI corrections
[SQLITE] Server Admin:small corrections
[SQLITE] Server Admin: fetch connections info
new script for new project in Jenkins -- Release Final Push. This script copy release files from ...
vServer: inIndex is 1-based in I_Server::get_ClientInfo( inIndex )
plug new script into 'put_on_ftp' script
new script to automatically change beta version in the XML file of VStudio versions on the site.
SQLite: added check, try-catch
attempt to fix strange LSearchField behaviour on OS X - hide cocoa search field
Valentina: fixed crash, added try-catch
vServer - cosmetic changes
VReport: set weak linking to Oracle dll
Merge branch 'vreport_datasource_oracle' into release/6.0
SQLite client: support more server properties
ReportEditor: correction to update color buttons
Valenina client: show more port values (HTTPS, REST, REST SSL) of VServer, prepare other common p...
added line color svg icon
UPSERT - some error tests
added svg icons
removed comment about using of Boost smart_ptr
UPSERT - fixes + tests
ReportEditor: returned QToolBar as a base for toolbar pages on OS X - to have native 'toolbar' st...
linux - fix build - added into sqlite_client folder ServerAdmin
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