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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b12' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
RAW list of commits into Valentina.GIT between b12 and b10:

======= BETA 6.0b12 =======
show current database as combobox under schema tree in SQL Editor
don't use raw pointer
updated visual project
remove debug code
updated netbeans project
ReportEditor: use task in query dialog to open server datasource
7106: VC_Connection::get_IsConnected gets into endless recursion after connection interruption
VReport: fixed netbeans project - link configuration MT to MT libs, Release to Release
UI cosmetic
UI cosmetic
show 'design' dialog on double click for sequences
show start time of queries in log
optimization - we don't need values on fill columns set for list in SE
fix assert
optimization - replace QSet to QList to faster iteration on create QModelIndex
don't show comment of links in SE list by default (to avoid additional queries)
optimization - do not notify about changed properties during schema reading
small optimization
fix update raw pointers on remove child list
small fixes
changes for SQL Editor
LT: fixed extra memory consumption on bookmarks update - removeAction doesn't delete action object
added svg icons
QTK:QTK: fixed reset preference, edited by combobox, trigger update on current text change
QTK: fixed reset preference, edited by spinbox
[QUERY EDITOR] Corrections for big tables
[QUERY EDITOR] Prevent to move the current item out of the scene
[QUERY EDITOR] Corrections for scene table menu
[QUERY EDITOR] corrections to draw links for tables with hiden items
[LT] Removed dubug code that leads to assert
[QUERY EDITOR] hide/show unselected items via table menu. Supported multiple selection
[QUERY EDITOR] implementation of hide/show the unchecked items
[QUERY EDITOR] Sceene Table: added buuton to show/hide unchecked items
improve of becnhes
FIXED kernel_test xcode project, scrips and run-script
added svg icons
added svg icons
fix add icon
Postgres: use specific icon for system schema
added svg icons
Postgres: restored option to show system schemas in preferences
Postgres: restored option to show system databases in preferences
fix build
use new icons, move common code to parent class
added SVG icons
fix assert
MySQL: restored an option to show system databases in preferences
Valentina client: clean code
removed not used files
update icon
UI cosmetic
Run() method overriden-as-replace in the API class, adding catch of FBL Exception.
changes - to extract db-oriented code into vdb_bench_api, _sql classes, making BenchImpl class t...
Valentina client: fixes for showing system tables, replace pointers to instances
Valentina client: fixes for showing system databases, not finished yet
[VSTUDIO] updated netbeans projet: added files to LT
[QUERY EDITOR] UI corrections
[VSTUDIO] updated visual project: added files to LT
fix misprint
changes for queries list in SQL Editor
Refactoring for last commit - redesign to single macro
Destructors must not throwing any exception.
correction for Windows - Qt has a bug: all QWizards have broken title after setting an applicatio...
corrected UI
fix to open valentina logs folder from preferences
updated project, fixed build on OS X
small fix, UI cosmetic
pass original state to OnTaskUpdate method
small fix
fix format SQL - don't add useless ;
small fix
use selected item in current tab to select it in a new schema editor
implement multiple selection in columns
don't store pointers in indexes, clean code
[QUERY EDITOR] UI Corrections
[QUERY EDITOR] UI Corrections
[QUERY EDITOR] UI corrections for windows
Some changes: * bench update select - changed to be based on SQL fixture. * fixed typo in BenchSe...
todo comment added
Improve benches classes:
fixed too far-left position of close button of the main tab bar on Windows
fix update properties for SQLite field
xcode - benches - new file header db_generator
auto-lambda to reduce a lots code-lines
SQLite: fixed crash on show editor for primary key property
Valentina: hide unsupported properties for older servers
[VSTUDIO] updated visual project: added, renamed files in LT
[QUERY EDITOR] corrections for drawing Binary and ObjPtr Links
cut multiline readonly values in property inspector
[VSTUDIO] updated xcode project: renamed files in LT
fix misprint
fix reset 'set' editor on reset all changes in model
[QUERY EDITOR] corrections for Views
[VALENTINA] Create Database Dialog: updated button action
[QUERY EDITOR] fixed assert on refresh the source database - small adaptation of LTreeModel to ha...
[QUERY EDITOR] corrections for sync on removing source items (table,view,database)
[QUERY EDITOR] corrections for sync schema and table
[QUERY EDITOR] rollback some corrections after Igor's fixes
[QUERY EDITOR] fix crash on closing
[QUERY EDITOR] corrections for sync of deleting source object
fix assert
hide schema and queries on open SQL Edior for connection
add filter for queries in SQL Editor
rename class
fix update status on open bookmark - use original status before update ui
small fix
hide empty groups on use filter
fix show tooltip for bonjour
store description for bookmark into property
small changes
send 'remove' notifications on change source of view
V4REV - no changes - just playing with LiveCode unicode approach.
optimization - don't filterAcceptsRow from hasChildren method if filter is empty
small optimization
fix don't clear views list on detach
LSortFilterProxyModel now correctly works for tree (by need to read all schema tree for non-empty...
allow LSortFilterProxyModel to exclude lists by type
don't update views on fetch new items from LModelTree::hasChildren method
6896: Livecode Accented characters (e.g. à) not working with API
updated Xcode project - added LSortFilterProxyModel.cpp to LT
corrected UI
added svg icon
move code from header to .cpp file
added SVG icon
updated Xcode project - added files to LT
auto set filter model for attached tree
add widget to auto filter attached tree
ReportEditor: UI corrections for paper formats editor
one more fix around new VCSDK archive.
corrected UI
mac - fix in VCSDK project installer. Was copy paste error VSDK in few places
small refactoring in names of folders and benches ...
ReportEditor: use opaque bitmap for scene - speeds up conversion to QPixmap
[QUERY EDITOR] few corrections for QE items
[QUERY EDITOR] Corrected tree model. Can't copy style of LSidePanel, because in the query editor ...
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