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  3. 日, 6月 07 2015, 06:27 PM
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VStudio Pro
Mac OS X10.10.3
beta 6.b13

Click on Open SQL Editor icon and app crashes.
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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答
SQL Editor is still under active development, it was fixed in one of the recent commits, so doesn't crash anymore.
Thanks for the report.
Lets hope tomorrow b14
  1. Ruslan Zasukhin
  2. 8 年前
What beta will the fix be included in?
  1. Forum Admin
  2. 8 年前
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Scott 承諾済みの回答
On my development laptop (MacBook Pro)

Also using VServer 6.b13

Connecting to VServer DB thru Studio Pro. Open server DB and click on SQL Editor icon and app crashes.

And yes, I have sent in a crash report a few times.

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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
What database is opened? or which DB server is connected?
Can you provide us crash log?

BTW Valentina Studio on start AFTER crash, can show dialog asking if to send crash log.
You can also mark [x] do not ask, to remember your answer.

Also please note, that

=========== Mantis Info =====================
It is better to report such issue(s) into Mantis - our bug tracker.

Why it is better? Described in these FAQs:

* Each separate issue report into separate issue report.

* If you have database or project then attach it compressed to the report.
you can put up to 250Kb archives.
* Provide in the report as many detailed info as you can: OS, version, locale, ….
* If possible, please provide exact steps how to reproduce problem.
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