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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b33' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
1 V4RB: Examples added folder 'BKS_ActiveRecord' with support of Valentina Sqlite Server.
2 vSqlite - make single GetSqliteAffinityTypeByName() in vShared since we need it in vKernel and V4RB
3 V4RB: fix of getFieldSchema() to work for VCLIENT only mode, using std::string
4 MySQL: fixed description for socket bookmark
5 DataEditor: corrected options key names in preferences dialog
6 [APPLICATIO] Wizards Export/Import: UI corrections, corrections for using tasks
7 SQLite: use new type method
8 SQLite client: added connection options to preferences dialog
9 corrected preferences dialog
10 vSQLite - optimizations for I_SqliteCursor::get_ColumnDeclType( vuint32 inColumnIndex )
11 corrected UI
12 vClient/vServer - fix for changed put_Position() hash.
13 vSQLite - proxy/stub for I_SqliteCursor::get_ColumnDeclType( vuint32 inColumnIndex )
14 vSQLite - prepare for I_SqliteCursor::get_ColumnDeclType( vuint32 inColumnIndex )
15 v4RB - RBDB::VSqlite_getFieldSchemaCursor() implementation
16 [APPLCATION] Wizard Export: UI corrections
17 [LT] Dialog Function: UI corrections
18 [VTUDIO] corrections for displaying path of the local Database and Project in recent list
19 [VALENTINA] Wizard Diagnose: small UI correction
20 [SQLITE] Connect Dialog (Local): show path with native separators
21 [VALENTINA] Connect Dialog (Local): show path with native separators
22 [QUERY LOGS] small UI corrections
23 V4RB - fix text of query for VSqlite_getTableSchemaCursor()
24 fixed crash
25 V4RB - improves and fixes for AR
26 vServer/vClient - improvement - "const String&" instead of "const String" to avoid copying.
27 [QUERY EDITOR] Show schema scoped name for table on the scene
28 [QTK] dialog Save Cahnges: standard icon was added
29 [MSSQL] Model: generating SQL for table is polished
30 [MSSQL] Dialogs: UI corrections
31 [MSSQL] Tests: 2 tests for dump unicode structure and data was added
32 [MSSQL] Tests Dump: format code - use the structure instead of macros
33 clean code
34 SQLite: fix to get full blob values in Data Editor
35 [LT] Database Object: the plugin-depended method to quote object name was used. This is necessary...
36 SQLite: fixes for data editor (setting value NULL, BLOB)
37 DataEditor: fix get record count after modifications
38 DataEditor: fix for case, when a query can't be executed - error in filter query, etc, clean code
39 MSSQL: fixed crash (the same as in Valentina)
40 [LT] Task Create Dump: corrections to suport datasources with schemas
41 [APPLICATION] Dump Wizards: show file pathes using native separators
42 Valentina: fixed crash
43 ReportEditor: don't show shadow below preview page - with it page is rendered in low resolution o...
44 [MSSQL] Wizard Restore: UI corrections
45 [MSSQL] Wizard Backup: UI corrections
46 [MYSQL] Server Admin: UI corrections
47 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: UI corrections
48 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: UI corrections
49 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: UI corrections
50 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: corrections for processing the roles
51 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: corrections for selecting roles
52 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: UI corrections - 1) use scrolled area for forms 2) corrcted margins for win
53 removed unused class member
54 corrected misprint
55 DataEditor: enable/disable keyboard shortcuts, fixes
56 [MSSQL] Server Admin: UI corrections - cosmetic line addded
57 [MYSQL] Server Admin: UI corrections - UI corrections - the updating the widget's state for page ...
58 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Local): UI corrections - use qtk for scrolled area
59 [MYSQL] Server Admin: UI corrections - 1) use scrolled area for forms 2) corrcted margins for win
60 [QTK] item 'scroll_area' added
61 [MYSQL] Server Admin: UI corrections - clear only contets of the table with users
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
V4RB in the b33 adds support of BKeeney Software - ActiveRecords framework.
In the folder V4RB/Examples you will find folder with Example of AR,
which now contains Adaptor for Valentina Sqlite Server.
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Johnny Harris 承諾済みの回答
6.0b33 so far seems to be working really good. Any idea when 6.0 will be officially released?
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
We finishing now diagrams in Vstudio and release :)
yet 4 broken tests in reports ...
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Johnny Harris 承諾済みの回答
Thanks Ruslan... I'm looking forward to updating to 6.0.
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