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Forms - ComboBox - Display x-number of Items at one time

Hi, Is there a way to modify the number of items a ComboBox displays to the user? For example, the ComboBox "fills" the screen, top to bottom, with items. Would like to see, maybe 16, at a time, and scroll through them. I looked a...

Write/Read BLOB - Valentina Server

Hi all, I'm currently learning this new application call XOJO and trying to write a blob to the sqlite database on the valentina server, but I'm getting an error for unknown. If the sqlite is not in the valentina server it writes perfectly fine. ...

Data Editor does not show linked tables

Hello! Valentina Studio is able to access my SQL database. I created a diagram with links between the tables. The Data Editor shows the records of the selected tables, but not - as shown in the introduction video - the records in the linked tables. ...

Valentina Release 11 Now Available; Supports ARM based Macs

Paradigma Software announces Release 11 of its data driven solutions, database and reporting tools, including support for ARM based Apple Macintosh systems. The company announces updates and improvements across all tools, servers and developer soluti...

Auto-complete for variables

Does the Single license have auto-complete for variables (DECLARE's and SP parameters)?...

Version of SQLite library

Hello, are you planning to upgrade the SQLite library in Valentina Studio to one of the latest available versions? If so, when? Valentina Studio now uses the SQLite library version 3.31.1, which does not allow the use of SQL UPDATE-FROM syntax. This...

What is error -43?

Some very simple code: dim s as String = "file:///Users/beatrixwilliusxxx/Mail%20Archive%20neu.vdb" mLocation = new FolderItem(s, FolderItem.PathModes.URL) try mdb.Create( location, EVDbMode.kDscDat_Blb_Ind ) catch err As VException M...

Journal file not deleted

Why isn't the journal file for my app not deleted anymore? Using BS/M1, Valentina 10.6.3, Xojo 202r2.1 on closing the journal file stay next to the archive. For testing I've only opened and closed the database. There is no data in the journal file be...

VDB Support for PHP 8.x

Is there any planned support for PHP v 8.x? A great deal of my current clients still use PHP....


Hey guys. I haven't been able to access mantis for a couple of weeks. Are you performing some maintenance on it?....

Valentina Release 10.6.3 Improves support for SQLite, Adds PHP 8 Support

Valentina Release 10.6.3 is now available from Paradigma Software and provides a number of key fixes and improvements, as well as introduces support for SQLite generated columns with Studio and PHP 7.4 & PHP 8. Download: Server | Studio | ADKs...

If print function

How paint the label when the value of a record is ="F"...

Eliminate corrupt segment

Hi guys, a user has a corrupt database. He tried to clone the database and got a crash (see attachment). He tried to export the main field and got an error there, too (see screenshot). A dump is also not possible. Unfortunately, he doesn't have...

Attention: Please disable in Valentina Studio option - send crash logs

Hi Everybody, * We have move to a new host-provider, and they have more strict rules with SMTP email sending. This have break our mechanism of sending crash logs in Valentina Studio. * Yet problem can be that this host provider can block fast...

Happy Holidays 2020 from Paradigma Software

The Paradigma Software team wishes our friends, colleagues, customers and their families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021! Now through January 1, 2021, you can save 20% on Valentina Server and Valentina Developer Network, on both new and r...

Valentina Release 10.6.1 improves Visual Query Editor in Studio; Valentina ADKs for Xojo

This update includes fixes and improvements for Valentina Studio, Studio Pro and Studio Pro Universal. It also supports new functionality in Valentina ADKs for Xojo introduced to Xojo in Xojo2019r2 or newer. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO ...

Support for Xojo DateTime?

Hey guys, are there any news about support for the not-really-new anymore DateTime class in Xojo?

Website Maintenance Coming (12.16-18.2020)

The team would like to give you the heads up that we will be performing some significant maintenance on the website. We aren't doing a redesign (yet). That's something we are looking to do in Q1 2021. However, besides some minor u...

V4CC for Apple Silicon

Hi, is there any info about when you may have (a beta version of) V4CC for Apple Silicon (universal binary) available? Thanks Frank...

Journal file not deleted after closing database

Got a user where the journal file isn't closed when the database is closed. He sent me a screenshot with multiple databases and multiple journal files. I remember that I had another user with a similar problem. I had added an lsof. But the result...

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