Install of V4REV to Livecode on Windows computer - tried everything version 5 & 7

Cannot successfully instal V4REV ADK on Windows 10 home computer and LiveCode version 7.0.6 Please look at the attached screenshots. I have been working on this for two days now. This horrific task is why I never upgrade LiveCode or Valentina becaus...
Chiara カテゴリ:

Problem connecting to DB: Login Failed

I upgraded Valentina Studio today and haven't been able to connect to my Azure database since. It was working fine on Friday. Did anything change? I get the error in the screenshot attached. Thanks in advance for any help! Chiara...

Valentina Server - REST and AJAX

I'm trying to use the REST features to connect to a Valentina server, but not having much luck. This is the code that I'm trying to authenticate with. Should this work or am I way off? var hash = md5("mypassword"); var vals = ne...

[ANN] Release 7.4 Now Available

Hi Everybody, Hot summer, and hot time for us to produce 7.4 release of Valentina product line. Valentina Studio Pro * [New][All] - Connection, Database, Table - can be now assigned a COLOR. Read More... Valentina Studio * [Imp] - Im...
Alexis Colon カテゴリ:

I have problems with a Reports

Help any idea this is my query but on the reports, i try to sum() one column and no works i use the grouping on the report Select invoicehd.invnum,invoicehd.fdate,caja.paytype,caja.amountpay,caja.amountchange,caja.stationid,invoicehd.custi...

Another Kudo to the VDB Team...

I needed to turn on our old MySQL server to migrate a client's DB over to Valentina. I just happened to be going through the server logs and saw this. Aug 17 17:24:27 ns1[1] ( This service is...

Totally Off Topic: Replacing PostgreSQL with SQLite3?

We support a fair number of databases in addition to our own Valentina DB at Paradigma Software, with our tool Valentina Studio. People want to use a platform for any number of reasons that may actually have to do with features - or not. How often ha...

Sqlite Server

How can I distribute my application in a single setup and what is the max user can connect. this is posible using DB ADK sqlite server...

Report Labels

Hi I need to make a label reports like Address Label 1" x 2-5/8 " any idea about this or examples thanks...

Hi any idea how to make a letter Label Report

Hi any idea how to make a letter Label Report. if any example can send to my email

parametrized query

Does Valentina Studio support parametrized queries that execute by first prompting for input parameters? For example, executing select * from biolife where [Species No] = @SpeciesNo; will prompt for the value of @SpeciesNo first....

Trial licence for Valentina studio?

Hello, I have one more and probably last question about "Is there a trial licence", so "is there a trial licence for Studio PRO"? (like "hey bro, there is a 7 day full licence which you can use exactly once" I will tr...

i am going out from XOJO what it other like XOJO that work like it (c++,Java, Payton or other

i am waiting for XOJO to Fix Bugs take long time. so i like to use Valentina in other cross platform. so please recommend one. this is my last year pay to XOJO...

crash with ms sql and no error XOJO 2015 3.1

if i run this 2 or more time wait 2 second ir crash the xojo app web no idea way and no error code Dim data As String Dim mReport AS New VReport Dim RepStrConn As String Dim P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6 As Boolean Dim fun1,MyQuery,SqlStr01 As ...

Problems with Valentina script for 64bit

I'm trying to work towards 64bit. Unfortunately, I can't get the deployment script to work for 64bit. I've modified my IDE script the following way: dim CountSlashes as Integer = CountFields(ProjectShellPath, "/") dim ProjectName as string = Nt...

Trouble installing Valentina Studio 64bit .dev on Ubuntu 17.04

Hi team, Can't install Valentina Studio 64 bit (.deb). See attached image. I remember trying to install vstudio a few weeks ago on Ubuntu Xenial (64 bit) and getting the same problem. 32 bit version seems to be fine but has different depende...

how to clean cache on web browser after update some time web app crash

how to clean cache on web browser after update some time web app crash this is with XOJO ADK I need when app run clean cache any idea...

Valentina Release 7.3.4 adds SQL Editing, MS SQL Server and Report Improvements

Paradigma Software technology release 7.3.4 includes more execution performance monitoring, SQL Editing, MS SQL Server and Reporting improvements. Valentina Studio PRO 7.3.4 [New][SQL Editor][All DB] Ability to format only *SELECTED* text in SQL ...
jonathan カテゴリ:

Export results of sql query to CSV

I can't seem to find where you can export the results of a sql query to csv in Valentina Studio. Where can you do that? I'm using version 7.3...

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