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Hi, I want to make a more google like search.

What ever is in input text I want it to search in all fields in my cursor. But I don't want to write all the fields in my WHERE LIKE.

So how do I do:

Select field1, field2, .... field12
In Tbl1
WHERE * LIKE Something

Or is this more quiker to do in Xojo API directly ?

Right now I'm using search control from einhugur, and start search whenever the textfield is more than 3 characters.
But I don't want to add all the fields manualy in the WHERE part...
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
Well, John uses in his "Bookend" app for this task a Table Method, which is defined as concat() of f1 .. f59.

This Table Method creates index of such strings. So when you do
WHERE fldTextAll LIKE Something

you will get exactly what you want.
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