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I'm currently using the free version. I'm trying out the reports for xojo. I have written all the code and the reports, but it doesn't show the report I created. Is this a problem with the version?
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
Hi Trevor,

1) You must be able get generated reports, but they should be signed by DEMO water mark.
As far as I remember.

2) To define if this is some error in your code:
please open our Examples with reports and try to run them.

3) I guess reports are previewed okay from Valentina Studio?

4) IF no success, we can check your code.
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Trevor Campbell 承諾済みの回答
Where do I find the examples
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Ruslan Zasukhin 承諾済みの回答
Examples are located in
HOME/Paradigma Software/V4RB/Examples/Reports

Sergey prompts me:
* if you have no serial for VS PRO, and you try create local .vsp file, design report, then close it, then open this in Xojo, THIS NOT WORKS!

Because VS FREE give you demo of report editor, but not save reports to disk.
Your .vsp file is EMPTY after close.

The only official way to EVALUATE reports in some ADK is:
* install free VSERVER
* install free VStudio
* install free ADK

Start VStudio, connect to VSERVER, create vsp and report UNDER VSERVER.
Now your ADK app can connect to VSERVER and see report,
which will be alive until VSERVER restart (i.e. can be alive many days)

This is described on this WIKI page - Valentina Report FAQs
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