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Going more through a query builder functionality in Studio Pro, I noticed a strange behavior which might or might not be a bug. That depends on whether I am using that feature correctly. Let me describe a perceived issue in my mind (see attached screenshot): To make it simpler, I will use the example of four tables used in my screenshot: company_name, account_bills, accounts and company_mm_accounts, company_mm_accounts is man-to-many while all the others are one-to-many relations. Issues (or at least what I consider an issue form a user perspective):

1. Once tables are dropped to the query pane, the automatically build query cannot be altered in that module by changing the order in which joins are made. By that I mean I cannot change what is my starting table "from" followed by next join and so on. That is predetermined for me by the builder.

2. When I change the joins type from inner to left or right, etc., I cannot use table alias names. If I do, the changes I made to the joins via GUI are reset and all joins are set back to a straight join or old type of join (select * from t1, t2, t3, t4 where ...) That's not what I want.

3. There is something amiss with the way the query builder assigned schema names. It assigns schema name to the columns but oddly enough it does not do so for tables which is actually what I would expect it to do so the query does not produce an error at the run time (table cannot be found).

4. It would be nice if you allowed to correct the query in the Query text section itself of your query builder so it could be saved rather than taking it out to be fixed in SQL editor.

5. Finally, I could not find/determine a way on how one could use the query tool for nested select statements. Is it even possible?

As I mentioned, these are observations based on my current, perhaps limited knowledge of your product (I hope) and this is something I missed. Again, thanks in advance for your time and reply.
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B M 承諾済みの回答
Sergey, do you ever sleep???? :D You are very active and prompt in your reply. It is much appreciated (at least by myself).

In reply to your #1 to my #1, the answer is "partially". However, at this point I would not trust the query builder for any complex runs and I would probably only use it to get the initial framework so I do not have to type all the fields manually and get the initial benefit of looking at graphical representation of the tables and joins I want to make. After that, I am better off by taking it straight to the SQL editor (in your suite) as the results I was getting (most of the times) were not what I expected. That was probably due to my earlier observations I made about the builder.

With regards to 2 and 3, I'm glad I could shed some light on it and I'm sure you guys will fix it.

#4 reply of yours fills me with optimism as you used a 'yet' qualifier which means there is a chance you might have that parser in a future. Can't wait :)

In relation to #5, I asked that question because that functionality exists in Oracle SQL Developer. As you can see, I am "shopping" around various tools trying to see which one come the closest to what I would like to have. They all have something unique that the others don't have. I like your studio a lot so I keep my fingers crossed and root for you.
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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答

1. I'm reviewing the algorithm now. The result you get is correct but you just want to change the starting table in the query and the order of other tables to be more logical? Or it is wrong?

2, 3. Looks like the bugs

4. Agree, but we don't have a parser for it yet to transform query back to the diagram structure.

5. No, currently it is not implemented. It will be a good addition
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