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I attempted to migrate my existing databases/projects over to a new Windows 2019 Datacenter Server from a MacOS Server and I received this AST error. I can moved the DBs just fine, but the projects refused to register. I tried deleting the master.vdb file and restarting VStudio on the local machine and I still can't register the projects.

Now, when I try to open the projects, I get the pinwheel of death and VStudio crashes (all platforms). However, my web apps in production still function just fine and produce reports without error.

Looking at the Activity Monitor on the MacOS Server and it's at only 0.3% CPU activity when pinwheeling. Any ideas?
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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答
Hello Scott,

For macOS registering was fixed in 9.3.2:

For Windows, it will be released in two days in 9.5.
There is a beta version:

You deleted master.vdb on Windows system, but on macOS, there wasn't any change, right?
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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答
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