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I me remember bevor not many weeks it was possible, but now not more. (Or I cannot more found)

I have pictures in my Valentina db. This pictures i need in a report but the pictures ar to big, I cannot see the content from my pictures. In the past it was with a zoom. It is the same with field and wirth 'picture' in the report.

All params in the filed settings not change my problem.

How can I set the content zoomed to the field?

Thanks Roger
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Sergey Pashkov 承諾済みの回答
Hello Roger,

scale property is used to fit the big image in the picture control.

What exactly is printed? The part of the image?
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Roger 承諾済みの回答
Ahhh, yes I remember me, I used the english version and this is logic.

Now I use it in german and "Rahmen" is "border", so I need much fantasy for the zoom ;) but it is and it works.

A bit bether can be "einpassen".

But many thanks and have a nice day.
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