Omegabundle for Xojo 2024 Developer Tools Bundle Now Available

Get the top developer tools and third party components for the Xojo cross-platform development platform at a huge savings. Omegabundle for Xojo 2024 is a collection of the most useful tool sets, add-ons, digital books and components for use with X...

How to call third-party libraries in stored functions/procedures?

Python 3.12 and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package installed. Environment paths are ok. pip install duckdb I'm trying to create a function that accesses the DuckDB package CREATE FUNCTION "GetVersion"() RETURNS String LANGUAGE ...
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Different versions of Report ADK

Hi! Sorry if this was asked before: I have two versions of Xojo, versions 2017 and the latest 2024 installed in one machine. I was using Valentina Report ADK version 8 for the former and v14 for the latter. However, both versions 8 and 14 are usin...

Calling a procedure (with DDL in body) from a trigger (AFTER STARTUP | LOGON ON DATABASE)

Hello, VDB team, as well as everyone involved and passing by! I'm trying to solve the problem of intercepting records opened by clients for editing. I am creating a procedure that should be called by a trigger when the database is opened and wh...

My first try with Valentina and i am struggling with the basic examples

Hi, pertty new to this and I use XOJO, using the stock xojo methods i am able to connect to mysql. Now I have purchased Valentina ADK, and have setup a valentina server running locally. Very basic test - I am struggling to connect to the database and...

What value does the Current_User_ID() function return?

According to WIKI returns the ID of the current user if he is running on the server, NULL otherwise. I assumed that the ID returned corresponds to the RecID in the "sysuser" master.vdb table, and is a constant for the connecting user,...
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Can't connect via ssh after updating to Valentina Studio 14 from 13.

I had 32 host on Valentina Studio 13. Today I upgraded to Valentina Studio 14 and I can't connect to anyone, I receive this error instead: "Authentication by password failed!" I use "Standard TCP/IP over ssh" connection method...
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Creating Custom-Sized Paper Layout

I create a half-size of a letter paper (width: 8.5inch x height:5.5inc) which is equivalent to 215.9 x 139.7 in millimeter, respectively (mm is the standard of valentina report editor). I found the following issues: 1. The report is not cut in ha...

Unable to import one form from another in Valentina 14.1.2

Hello, I have designed a form that uses the import mechanism to import other forms for various uses. For example, clicking a button should run the JS code: import '/For Admins/Experiment/add-experiment' as dlg dlg.exec() This would normal...
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Problem with list of serial numbers

Hi! I placed my order for OmegaBundle 2024 and I got a list of serial numbers. However, the corresponding products attached to are all the same. I don't know which serial is for what....

Problems connecting using 14.1.2 (from 13.10)

Downloaded version 14.1.2, can't connect to my servers. Reverted back to 13.10 and all is fine. The error I receive: Authentication by public key failed! SSH error: -16. Private key file error. Make sure the path to the private key and passphras...

How long should a diagnosis take?

A user with a fast SSD says that his 250 GB database takes 2 hours to diagnose. The diagnosis is done with EVVerboseLevel.kNone and with the API not SQL. Usually, such large databases have lots of blobs. Is it normal that the diagnosis takes so lo...
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Is it possible to change the size and position of a control via javascript scripts? I can odify other properties but not these which are in string....

Support for preemptive threads in Xojo?

Xojo has announced that they are planning to support preemptive threads "soon". Can Valentina be changed to support preemptive threads? My users still are confused when they see the app as non-responding during longer Valentina tasks. They ...
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Reports ADK Compatibility

Is the latest version of Reports ADK Xojo still compatible with Valentino Studio Pro 8.1?...

Valentina Release 14.1.2 Updates Python Support

Also minor fixes for Windows, and reported annoyances. General Windows Support [Fix] Issue related to Python integrated into VKERNEL.DLL resolved by updating from Python 3.11 to Python 3.12 Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Stud...

mac os ARM, and xojo, I'm stuck at 13.3

Hi, I'm doing a rewrite of an older app, and now building it with .vdb as a project file. But on deploying I can only mac my app as x86-64bit, and not ARM (apple silicon for my M1). When trying to build it as universal (xojo), then the app will f...
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diagrammer not painting table

Hi, I'm on 14.1.1 running on kubuntu linux 23.10. Since the upgrade from 14.1 to 14.1.1 I have table that is not painting in the diagrammer. Fields and keys are all correct and the table is selectable if you know where it is....

Reports Version 14 ADK Crashing With XOJO

I have just installed version 14 of studio and Windows 14 XOJO Reports ADK. I cannot now launch my application in the XOJO debugger, it crashes on the line where I initialise valentina reports with my serial number. Latest plugin installed, and...

Xojo ADK Reporto to CSV

Hi I have some reports working perfects on Xojo, but i need to send reports data to CSV, can this be done or no. thanks...

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