Valentina Forms Features In Depth

Valentina Forms includes a full pallet of form controls including bound and unbound controls.

Valentina Forms Controls Palette

Add controls to your database form to let your users view and work with their data.

Valentina Forms Controls

The most frequently used control is the text box, but other controls include command buttons, labels, check boxes, and subform or subreport controls.

You can add both bound database controls and visual widgets to your form by dragging them into the preview window. When you drag an object, a blue outline appears so you can easily place the control in the layout. Here are the three types of Form Controls:

  • Database Controls. Bound database controls that connect directly to tables and fields in your database
  • Layout Controls. Controls that can in turn host other controls to make attractive and professional looking forms
  • Widget Controls. User interface controls that cover a broad range of options you find in any visual development suite

Valentina Forms Inspector Tab

Switch to the Valentina Forms Inspector Tab to browse, edit and modify forms in a hierarchical view.

You can more easily locate your database controls, layout controls and widget controls and modify the appearance of your form as your form becomes more complex.

Valentina Forms Inspector Tab

Valentina Forms Database Tab

Valentina Forms Database Tab User Interface

The Database tab is used to drag your database schema objects such as tables and fields right to the form.

Property Inspector

Every control has a Property Inspector that allows you to modify the unique properties of the control as well as attach JavaScript objects and classes that can transform your data.

The Slots properties allow developers to assign JavaScript objects that are triggered based on conditions found in your form.

The list of available Slots will vary according to the type of control.

Valentina Forms: Controls Property Inspector Tab