Paradigma Software, Inc,, the makers of enterprise class database and reporting products, announces technology release 6.5, including updates for all products and support of the Raspberry PI hardware platform.

 The Valentina product line includes the cross platform Valentina Studio database management, administration and reporting tool for working with all major databases including MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite and its own advanced object-relational database Valentina DB.

Valentina Studio 6.5, available in a free version as well as Valentina Studio Pro, incorporate several new features including:

  • Valentina Reports Viewer. Open, navigate and customize visual reports and associated databases. Available in the free Valentina Studio.
  • Command Line Interface. Use automation scripts to work efficiently with Valentina Studio
  • Table Object. Valentina Reports Editor now features a new object for quickly and easily adding table data to any report

Valentina Server, the three-in-one server includes a complete Reports Server, a SQLite-based Database Server, and the advanced, object-relational Valentina DB Server. The Reports Server works with both the included database servers in addition to MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL Server and Maria DB Server. It is available as a standalone solution on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X starting at $299, as well as an unlimited deployment version for developers called Valentina Developer Network at $599.

Developer component Valentina DB ADK allows embedding Valentina DB in applications that can be deployed royalty free. Valentina Reports ADK allows embedding the Valentina Reports engine in applications for royalty free deployment. Both cost $199 per platform and are available for all major desktop tools for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, including C++, Java and more.

Valentina Technical Release 6.5 includes new distribution options for deploying your applications and Valentina Server on the Raspberry PI platform. Raspberry PI is a low power hardware platform based around an ARM processor which can run various operating systems. Following the licensing style of Valentina application developer kits, Linux based licenses will automatically work on Raspberry PI for shipping platforms. The Linux compatible versions of Valentina Server, Valentina DB ADK and Valentina Reports ADK have new implementations for deploying applications on the platform. The first platforms include:

  • C++ Developer ADK Platforms
  • Java Developer ADK Platforms
  • Xojo Developer ADK Platforms

Customers who purchase these ADKs that run on Linux will have licenses that will also work with deployment on the Raspberry PI platform.

"Raspberry PI is now more than a platform for learning hardware fundamentals, or garage prototyping. Industrial and medical equipment manufacturers are investing in custom boards for real world deployment of intelligent, low power devices. Valentina Server is already optimized for speed under lower memory conditions. Now developers can create blazingly fast data acquisition, data management and run time business reporting solutions that run on these devices," said Ruslan Zasukhin, Vice President of New Technology at Paradigma Software, Inc.

Valentina 6.5 products are immediately available for purchase on the Paradigma Software website. A version of Valentina Studio is free. An evaluation and free version of Valentina Server for academic institutions and non-profits is also available.