Reporting for Xojo

Extract and present data in charts, graphs and other customized visualizations from your Xojo based applications with Reporting for Xojo.

With the Reporting for Xojo product, you can pull data from most business and enterprise data sources, then present that data is a visually desirable and useful format, right from your application or export as html, images and PDF.

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Xojo is a visual development tool that compiles to native applications. Xojo uses native controls, so apps look and feel right on each platform. Since one set of source code can be used to support multiple platforms, development is significantly faster than traditional tools. Xojo comes with a drag and drop user interface builder and one straightforward programming language for development.

Valentina Studio Pro - Included (Select OS Version)

Build reports visually using Valentina Studio Pro Report Designer in a Valentina Project. Associate your data sources with Valentina Report Objects. Assign custom JavaScript scripts to any object. Preview your report right within Valentina Studio Pro.

Valentina Studio Report Designer


Valentina Studio Pro Does More than Reports

Valentina Studio Pro is more than just a powerful Report Designer, but also an amazing database management tool that includes tools like Visual Query Builder, SQL DIFF, Database Continuous Integration, Database Diagramming and more.

The best database management tool on macOS, Windows and Linux

Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo - Included

Deployment runtime components and client for Xojo apps on macOS, Windows and Linux. Build your Xojo applications and incorporate the Valentina Reports ADK runtimes to enable powerful reporting features in your product.

  • Deploy 64 bit runtimes on macOS, Windows and Linux
  • Data sources include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and the SQLite and Valentina DB database servers
  • Display formatted text and numerical data in grids, sub-reports, calculated fields and labels in reports
  • Global header/footers, per page header/footers and many other layout options
  • Programmatically export your reports as XML enriched PDF documents, web pages, text or graphics
  • Generate reports in the form of labels, point-of-sale receipts and more from your app
  • Move your reports project across operating systems, platforms and to Valentina Server
  • Unlimited, royalty free distribution with your applications that doesn't expire; 12 months of free updates included

Valentina Reports Client connects to data sources and maps them to report controls.

Valentina Server /25 - Included (Select OS Version)

Valentina Server /25 is a standalone business ready server available on macOS, Windows and Linux (x86 and ARM7*). This version includes 25 simultaneous connections for Reports | REST | Valentina DB and an unlimited number of connections of SQLite Server.

Valentina Server on a Network
  • Enterprise Reports Server turns data into highly formatted reports as rich media web pages, text, images, PDFs
  • Valentina Database Server based on ultra-fast, object-relational columnar technology
  • Valentina SQLite Server with full multi-access, industry standard server features
  • Valentina Forms Server lets you open forms stored on Valentina Server for adding, modifying and reading records

Reports and Forms can use any supported database Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and the incorporated SQLite and Valentina DB database servers.

If you select a Linux license, it can work on either Linux (x86) or Raspbian on ARM7 (Raspberry PI).

Yes, you should be able to host your copy of Valentina Server on AWS or other cloud based platforms.

Additional Options for Reporting for Xojo

You can also add two other solutions to your Reporting for Xojo solution.

DB ADK for Xojo
Incorporate the ultra-fast object relational Valentina DB into your applications on macOS, Windows and Linux
Developer Network
An OEM solution to deploy copies of Valentina Server with your solutions on macOS, Windows and Linux

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