Valentina Studio Features In Depth

All Valentina Form objects are fully scriptable with JavaScript and utilize the Qt AI.

Form Objects Scripting with JavaScript

Much like Valentina Reports, all Valentina Form objects are fully scriptable with JavaScript. Valentina Form objects including control widgets and layouts, can call default or custom methods you create yourself. Forms support kinds of scripts:

Slot Scripts. Each object has a preset number of user-defined event actions and you can attach scripts that are fired when the the event occurs.

User Defined Methods. A method is a sub-routine which performs a certain task and returns the result. Create methods from scratch or duplicate existing ones to make your own custom versions. You can also increase your productivity by accessing saved code Snippets.

Valentina Form Editor Methods

Script Objects. These are independent, named code saved in the project tree. Script object can be imported into slots and methods. Even forms themselves can be imported into such a script.

Valentina Forms support a long list of Classes, Enums, Global Constants, Global Constructors and Global Objects listed under the documentation option.

JavaScript Reference for QT API in Valentina Forms


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