Valentina Studio Features In Depth

Create virtual links where you need the functionality of foreign keys without creating foreign keys.

Sometimes design constraints keep you from adding foreign keys to a database or you are assigned to work on a database that doesn't use foreign keys. Virtual Links make no changes to your database, but instead uses methods to create links outside of the database but within Studio.

Virtual Links distinquish themselves with dashed lines.

Within Valentina Studio, Virtual Links can work exactly like foreign keys. Many common CMS solutions, such as Wordpress, Mantis and Joomla do not use foreign keys but rely on other methodologies.

Automatic Virtual Links

Automatic Virtual Links take the form of REGEX and make no modification to your database schema.

See the existing Virtual LInks for the selected database Add Custom Virtual LInks and test them with the current database.

Manual Virtual Links

Automatic Virtual Link creation is a great time saver but, if you have a database that doesn't employ strict naming rules then you can still set up manual Virtual Links.

Virtual Links Manual Creation Dialog Manual Virtual Links in the Schema Editor


 Find out more about Virtual Links support in Valentina Studio PRO in the Virtual Links documentation on the Paradigma Software wiki.

5 Maximum Virtual Links

Unlimited Virtual Links