Valentina Studio Features In Depth

Organize your tools, preferences, lists of recent datasources and more for individual projects.

Valentina Studio Workspaces let you collect and save collections of objects and preferences under a named Workspace. This highly productive tool lets you customize Valentina Studio Pro so you can rapidly switch between your projects and have all the tools you need for that project. You can save:

  • Bookmarks
  • SQL Snippets
  • Recent databases
  • Recent projects
  • Open connections
  • Open local databases
  • Query log
  • Open Editors (New in Valentina 13!)
  • Tabs (New in Valentina 13!)

Open connections and databases are automatically reopened when you open the Workspace.


Using Workspaces

When you first start Valentina Studio, you will see the Default Workspace. The Default Workspace cannot be deleted as it is a part of the Start Page.
Valentina Studio Workspace Default Workspace
Use the pop up menu to switch between existing Workspaces or, to create a brand new, empty Workspace.
Workspace Pop Up Menu. Use to add, modify or delete a Workspace.

 If you delete a Workspace, it cannot be recovered later.

Synchronize Workspaces

All Workspaces can be synchronized with the cloud storage (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, etc) if you have enabled this option in the preferences.

Valentina Studio Pro Workspaces Saved to Cloud Storage


Ignore Workspace on Start

If you don't want to reload the last Workspace on start, hold down the alt/option key on launch.