Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

REGEX search, Full Text Search, IndexStyles (such as IgnoreWords, maxLengthToIgnore).

Valentina Database includes features that provide significant value in storing, indexing and searching text.

REGEX Search

Regular Expression search capabilities are built right into the Valentina kernel as a part of ICU. The ICU Regular expression API supports operations including testing for a pattern match, searching for a pattern match, and replacing matched text. Capture groups allow subranges within an overall match to be identified, and to appear within replacement text.

Full Text Search

Index String/VarChar/Text fields by words. You can also apply IndexStyle to such indexing to provide an IgnoreWords list and maxLengthToIgnore.


When working with index strings, you may want to have one setting for one set of fields and another setting for another set of fields. To provide greater flexibility with such tasks, Valentina includes support for Index Styles. You can define any number of styles and apply them to multiple indexes.