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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b14' here:




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Raw list of commits into Valentina GIT, branch 6.0 between b13 and b14:

1 [SQLITE] Model: corrections for updating property values
2 updated Netbeans project - added files to MSSQL
3 [VSTUDIO] fixed build on Win
4 [VSTUDIO] rollback debug options for xcode project
5 [VSTUDIO] Tests: corrections for finishing auto tests
6 [VREPORT] Tests: corrected tests
7 [VREPORT] Tests: corrections for starting the report tests in auto mode
8 [SQLDIFF] Tests: corrected tests for Page (fixed 3 tests)
9 [SQLDIFF] Tests for Postgre: fixed tests for Links (2 fixed)
10 [SQLDIFF] Tests for MySQL: fixed tests for Links (2 fixed)
11 [SQLDIFF] Tests for MySQL: fixed tests for function (fixed copy-past error) (6 fixed)
12 [SQLDIFF] Tests for MySQL: fixed tests for comparasion params (2 fixed 19 failed)
13 [SQLDIFF] Tests: corrections to prevent crashes for Page
14 SQLite: correction to pass test
15 SQLite: set default client connection parameters for tests
16 SQLite: process NULL in field definition, corrections for DEFAULT
17 fix restore width of first column
18 Sql merge-node development
19 C SDK -- added VDatabase Journaled property
20 7116: SELECT fldHSH FROM tblHSH GROUP BY fldHSH - Return only first row from recordset
21 Sql merge-node development
22 add menu item to resize column width to contents, clean code
23 [SQLDIFF] Tests: exclude Win tests from build in other platforms
24 [SQLDIFF] corrections to process MSSQL types ( fixed 5 tests for SQLDiff)
25 [MSSQL] corrections to update function properties. ( fixed 6 tests for SQLDiff)
26 [MSSQL] corrections to update triggers count for view. ( fixed at least 10 tests for SQLDiff)
27 [SQLDIFF] Tests: added check to prevent crash
28 [SQLDIFF] tests: fixed copy-paste errors for test constants
29 [MSSQL] Tests: corrections for schema object tests (0 failed)
30 [MSSQL] Tests: added 13 tests for the dialog Create Type
31 [MSSQL] Tests: prepred tests for dialog Create Type
32 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Type: UI corrections and corrections for generating query.
33 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Type: prepared code to generate query.
34 SQLite: dump test fixes
35 MERGE command -- seems to be DONE on Parser and Tree Parser level.
36 use resizeColumnsToContents method to auto size columns widths in SQL and Data Editors
37 MERGE - now INSERT eats DEFAULT also ... added test
38 MERGE - one more form added - INSERT ... DEFAULT VALUES.
39 rename constant
40 fix show child lists on open closed database in tree mode
41 don't reload disabled properties
42 QAction created from LAction now watch parent items to update
43 SQLite: fixed assert
44 move editor and recents toolbars to single parent
45 small fixes
46 disable 'execute' and 'refresh' action during query execution in SQL Editor
47 add 'Refresh' menu item for result tab's menu
48 add 'Export' sub menu for result tab's menu
49 Postgres: fixed dialog
50 MERGE - tree parser now creates node_merge.
51 fix in scripts for test_parser project.
52 C SDK - addded some constants ...
53 polish comments
54 Postgres: fixed test in a case if system schemas are shown
55 Postgres: fix assert on show type editor
56 Postgres: add update after dump loading
57 Sql merge-node development
58 MERGE - TreeParser improved to make nodes for Update and Delete... Insert yet not finished ... tr...
59 SQL_node_merge - fix compilation error
60 [MSSQL] Dialogs: prepared class to restore Create Type dialog
61 [MSSQL] Corrections for Schema Editor - show proper child type for the database and for the schema
62 [MSSQL] Dialogs: prepared UI for dialog Create Type
63 [MSSQL] Schema: corrections for assemblies (1 failed)
64 [MSSQL] small corrections. TODO: restore type dialog for MSSQL
65 [MSSQL] Schema: corrections for opening connection, fixed tests (8 failed)
66 [MSSQL] Query Editor: fixed crash (0 failed)
67 [MSSQL] Tests Model: fixed tests for assembly (0 failed)
68 [MSSQL] Tests Model: fixed test for type from assembly (7 failed)
69 [MSSQL] Tests Dump: fixed assert (0 failed)
70 [MSSQL] Tests Dialogs: exclude test for assembly dialog from Mac And linux. On win need to define...
71 add test code to highlight widget on mouse press (reverted from commit 3d10d1b0a77d6daab534f0e00d...
72 add test code to highlight widget on mouse press
73 small fix
74 auto scroll to first column on change root from side panel
75 small polish of header.
76 update icon
77 update icon, add 'big' icon variant
78 don't use hardcoded colors for background in LModelDatabaseTable
79 UI cosmetic
80 small fix
81 DataEditor: restored close tab on removal of the source objects
82 small fix
83 small fix
84 UI cosmetic
85 on change application style - update main tabbar colors, UI cosmetic
86 fix hide toolbar on startup
87 Sql merge node - factories + some imlementation draft
88 MERGE - polish of grammar, and more draft code in TreeParser. All forms of merge from TEST_ALL ar...
89 [MSSQL] Fixes for Data Editor (0 failed)
90 [LT] Tests: removed unused macro
91 Fixes for MERGE parser tests
92 fixed misprint
93 update icons
94 allow to change tabs background (for linux)
95 UI cosmetic
96 [VALENTINA] corrected tests for schema objects (0 failed)
97 [VALENTINA] corrected tests for schema objects (8 failed)
98 [TESTS] corrections to delete wain window tab in tests
99 FIXED on more crash in not accurate code, when objects are missing.
100 2 more MERGE forms in TEST_ALL, around join_spec. Found crash in factory of nodes. Fixed.
101 fixed build on mac
102 all MERGE commands from TEST_ALL parsed okay. TreeParser yet TODO.
103 UI cosmetic
104 store last text for each database separately
105 restore editor's text on close/open SQL Editor (can be switched off in prefs)
106 add menu to result tabs
107 use original 'tab' size on export to html
108 auto show/hide tab widget with results
109 improve showing of SQL in result tab's title
110 small fix
111 MERGE command - more can be parsed now. First 3-4 forms are ok
112 first MERGE command is parserd by Parser and TreeParser. There is no yet any Node-calls in treep...
113 New possible commands for MERGE. Yet not all possible variants, but enough to start testing
114 fix select item in tree with filter
115 allow to use native tabs style
116 UI cosmetic
117 UI cosmetic
118 add 'collapse all' menu items
119 set default list row height
120 allow to update query from menu item
121 allow to update snippet from menu item
122 first changes to show results at bottom (by default)
123 clean code
124 [QUERY EDITOR] fixed crash for postgres (all passed)
125 [QUERY EDITOR] fixed asserts for engines with schemas
126 update icons
127 fixed build on win
128 cosmetic
129 add filter to tree in Schema Editor
130 fixed search of opened tab by non-empty search criterion
131 show styled recent queries, small fixes, UI cosmetic
132 allow to save text from scintilla to HTML
133 optimization - use SCI_GETSTYLEDTEXT instead of SCI_GETSTYLEAT + SCI_GETCHARAT
134 UI cosmetic
135 changes for SQL Editor
136 [VSTUDIO] Tests: correctiosn for close SQL Editor tab for tests of schema objects (Not Finished)
137 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: fixed tests (0 faild)
138 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: fixed tests (5 faild)
139 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: fixed tests (7 faild)
140 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: fixed tests (18 faild)
141 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: fixed tests (20 faild)
142 [VSTUDIO] sort tests on running in auto mode
143 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: fixed tests (22 faild)
144 Revert "[SQLDIFF] Tests: I've found epic fail in tests. SQLDiff compares only objects that loaded...
145 [SQLDIFF] Tests: I've found epic fail in tests. SQLDiff compares only objects that loaded to the ...
146 [VALENTINA] Tests SQLDiff: removed assert (29 faild)
147 DataEditor: fixed asserts in tests
148 sql-merge - few comments.
149 [VALENTINA] Tests: fixed test (45 falid - all in SQLDiff)
150 remove debug code
151 MySQL: fixed issue, found by dump test, all dump test pass
152 MySQL: fix issue, found by dump test [25/28]
153 SQLEditor: fixed build
154 MySQL: improved/fixed dump tests [24/28]
155 FIX 7111, in the TreeParser few keywords was in uppercase. Oops.
156 [VSTUDIO] do not show the Crash Report dialog for auto test mode
157 fix asserts on remove objects
158 changes for SQL Editor
159 clean code
160 Postgres: removed unused property, all dump tests pass
161 Postgres: fixed dump tests [112/116]
162 [VALENTINA] Tests: fixed tests for Engine: added new type money.
163 Postgres: dump tests fixes - passed 105/116
164 Postgres: fixed reloading properties of system databases
165 FIX in kernel tests. Was lost ending {0} ... On windows caused crash
166 [VSTUDIO] ability to save the log during testing
167 [VSTUDIO] xcode: switch off test flags in the build scheme
168 [VSTUDIO] corrections for test params
169 [VSTUDIO] lite format code
170 [LT] UI corrections for Event Editor
171 [VALENTINA] Corrections for events
172 [VALENTINA] Tests: restored test after fix in the kernel
173 ReportEditor: use separate frame for scintilla to avoid drawing artifacts
174 ReportEditor: use separate frame for scintilla to avoid drawing artifacts
175 ReportEditor: show error only for task, initiated by the user
176 sql-node MERGE - linux vKernel project update
177 sql-node MERGE - visual vKernel project update
178 [NEW] sql-node MERGE (just 2 new files for now)
179 SQLite: use shorter bonjour protocol name, fix show description and open bonjour connection
180 ReportEditor: corrected UI, show datasource name in connect dialog
181 SQLite: don't show 'URL' button for path of server database
182 Bonjour name for vSqlite - "_vsrv_sqlite"
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