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I'm currently using Valentina Studio 7.4 in an Ubuntu linux and I'm trying to connect to an older mysql server database (older than 5.0.6). I still don't know the server version but if I try to connect with this version of VStudio, I get the error that mysql versions older than 5.0.6 are not supported.

Which older VStudio version I could use to connect to that mysql server?
Also, can two or more versions of VStudio coexist in the same operating system?
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят

Versions older than 5.0.6 were never supported.
However, it looks like version 7.1 should connect. But it may generate errors about not found system tables.
It should be enough to execute queries in the SQL Editor, but the other tools may not work stable.

You can have different versions only if you manually copy installed version to other place and install another version
The applications are self-contained so they should work from any place.
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RV Pish Ответ принят
Thanks a lot!
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