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Firstly, thanks for the fix on the Schema Editor performance issue.

Found a few more issue in the latest v9.1.3 update,
1. The icon above the table in the schema editor is missing
2. The text in the table look quite bad in lower resolution screen, it looks great on rentina display.

Attached 2 image to show these issue.

Best Regards,
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Chew,

Thank you, fix will be available in version 9.1.4.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Chew,

thank you for reporting of issues.

=========== Mantis Info =====================
You are welcome to report issue(s) and feature requests
into Mantis - our bug tracker.

Why is it better? Described in these FAQs:

* Please report each issue as a separate report.
* If you have database or project then attach it compressed to the report.
you can put up to 250Kb archives.
* Provide in the report as many detailed info as you can: OS, version, locale, ….
* If possible, please provide exact steps how to reproduce problem.
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