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Hi Valentina Developers,

we are happy to expose 9.5b15


1) This release DROPS 32-bit support for MAC and LINUX. For Windows, we still provide 32-bit archives for some time.
On FTP for v9.5 and newer, mac_32 and lin_32 folders will not exist.

2) All Valentina ADK installers for Mac OS X are new. Now they are packages, and 64-bit ready. Before they was 32-bit apps.

3) All Valentina ADK Installers for Mac OS X now install into "Users/Shared/Paradigma Software" folder. Before it was "Users/username/Paradigma Software"

Valentina Studio

* [New][Examples] Cloud Examples of ValentinaDB/SQLite databases (Sakila), which user can download and open in one click. Also, the user can hide examples and reload at any time.
* [New][Examples] Cloud Examples of Valentina Projects with reports.
* [New][Reports] Multi-Part Reports.
* [New][Reports] Double-sided Labels.
* [Imp][Linux] upgrade Qt from v5.5 to 5.13

Valentina DB

[New][SQL] MERGE command with 2 or more fields joins, now will use indexing. This speed up things in hundreds of times.

and other improvements: ** http://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v9/doku.php?id=valentina:releases:9.0:9.5 **
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Hi Everybody,

9.5 b16 is available: http://www.valentina-db.com/download/beta/

* some fixes in vstudio

* V4RB - plugin code changed to use FolderItem.NativePath instead of FolderItemFsRef to fit new Xojo 2019r2 beta
* V4RB - all example projects now have settings to build for 64-bit for 3 OS.


* On Windows new Cloud Examples do not work.
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9.5 b18 ready. http://www.valentina-db.com/download/beta/

* on Windows Vstudio now download Cloud Examples

* Mac .dmg now should have our picture on the top.

* V4RB Example projects polished. All External modules now are internal, so should work from the box.

* VDN fixed old bug: if TRUNCATE on Table with sequences, then following INSERTs could crash
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9.5b20 ready http://www.valentina-db.com/download/beta/

* In vstudio and Vserver we now keep vcomponents in the App/Contents/Frameworks location.
To be able to do this we needed to improve code. This is a more correct location and Mac OS 10.15 wants it.

ADK developers now also will be able to use it.
We will change our deployment scripts for each ADK.
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