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I am an employee of a large company and I have installed a free version of Valentine Studio. It is installed on a computer that is part of the company’s network and I will use it for commercial purposes. The IT department of my company has a question: is such use legal?
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You can use Valentina Studio (the free version) for commercial purposes. It is licensed but free.

That said, you have to follow the EULA. You cannot, for example, get one license and them install it on all 500 computers at a location.Each install has to have a unique license under a unique account.

Really only Valentina Server has complicated licenses. If you are an academic (see the section on this website about it), then the 5 connection server is free for use on academic projects. For commercial users, it is an evaluation license. You can use it for internal testing but when it comes to any form of deployment, commercial users have to pay for a license for Valentina Server or get VDN to deploy multiple copies of Valentina Server to their customers (an OEM type license).
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