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Hi, I bought the omegabundle 2021 because I wanted to implement valentina reports in my xojo applications, I added my license in valentina studio and I can save my projects, but when I print my reports in my xojo apps, I get a legend that says "DEMO VERSION".

That I do to remove that legend. Do I need to buy another license?

Thanks for support.

Juan Martínez
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Juan,

Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo is included in Omegabundle 2021.

It is necessary to pass a set of serial numbers (for 3 different OS) to Valentina.InitReports function to remove the DEMO VERSION label.
These serial numbers start with VR4RB- prefix.
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Hi Sergey, thank you for you support.

I have the next code in Open Event Handler:

Valentina.InitReports("","SERIAL NUMBER WITH PREFIX VR4RB...","";)

But the legend Demo Version do not remove.

I have a Windows License.

Thank you.
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Dear sergey,

My problem is solved.

I had a wrong statement on my project, with a twice functions of the Valentina.InitReport().

Thank you and regards.

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