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Francesco Di Filippo Опубликовано в:

Same license on different OSs

I'm currently working on different OS, mainly Linux and Mac. If I buy a Valentina Studio Pro license for Linux, may the same license be employed for Mac also?...
Christian Rauch Опубликовано в:

Entering License in Studio

I had installed PostGreSQL13 Server on my Win 8.1 I successfully installed V Studio 11 along with Bonjour. When asked to register I had to interrupt. Within an hour I had obtained a free license and started VStudio but no GUI is showing up to let me...
Marek SZEWCZYK Опубликовано в:

How to introduce VSerialsPack for Valentina Studio for free: the new Linux

I installed VStudio on Debian 10 with synaptic. I run and the window pops up for a while/flash and then it disappears. My guess is that need to introduce VSerialsPack for Valentina Studio for free: new Linux somewhere from command line? I kindly ask...
Dmitriy Опубликовано в:

Commercial use of Valentina Studio Free

Hi! I am an employee of a large company and I have installed a free version of Valentine Studio. It is installed on a computer that is part of the company’s network and I will use it for commercial purposes. The IT department of my company has a que...
B M Опубликовано в:

Licensing question about Valentina Studio Pro

Question to our friends from Valentina: I purchased a license for my Valentina Studio Pro for Windows. I also have a Linux workstation where I am working from. Do I have to purchase a separate license for the Linux version as well? Thanks....
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