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How to introduce VSerialsPack for Valentina Studio for free: the new Linux

I installed VStudio on Debian 10 with synaptic. I run and the window pops up for a while/flash and then it disappears. My guess is that need to introduce VSerialsPack for Valentina Studio for free: new Linux somewhere from command line? I kindly ask...
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Valentina studio open_connection - 2x

Hi developers ... firstful thank you for your very good work I am trying MySql Workbench, Navicat etc. time to time ... and quick come back to Valentina! So ... short question I am using bash skript with commands vstudio.exe -open_connection ...
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Connect to Postgre over SSH via command line

Hallo, in first point - thank you for awesome toll for SQL works!!! I have short question: I must connect to many different database daily. I want jump direct to SQL editor. I want run some batch/script. I found in documentation that I can create s...
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