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David Naval Опубликовано в:

ValentinaInit() crash developing C++ Photoshop Plugin Mac

Hi, I made a upgrade from Valentina ADK C++ from version 9 to version 11 to compile my application as Mac universal (x86_64 and arm64). I just replaced the dylib's and update the serials in my application and I get a crash on call 'ValentinaInit'....
Matthew Jew Опубликовано в:

Do newer versions of Valentina C++ SDK for MacOS use libc++ now? (Instead of libstdc++)

I have been using (I think) MacOS Valentina C++ SDK version 4 for a while. When trying to compile applications using version 4, I run into the problem that Valentina SDK 4.x uses libstdc++ but now Xcode 11 requires the use of libc++. Do newer ve...
Grant Singleton Опубликовано в:

SDK C++ Visual Studio 2013 Setup

Can anyone please advise how to setup VSDK C++ for Visual Studio so that I can compile some of the example projects? Please be easy on me. I'm still learning. Cheers Grant...
Sid Price Опубликовано в:

Importing CSV file with ADK

Has anyone used the ADK to import a CSV file to VServer? Our product needs to place values into a database from one of a series of CSV settings files depending upon the product variant. Thanks, Sid...
Hans Gidlöf Опубликовано в:

I have sade VSDK_64 version 5.7

Way are you not reading my mail I sade: I have downloaded VSDK_x64_5 and fixed the compiling problem. vcomponents folder is ended _x64 and in the xcode project is the Search Paths is vcomponents without _x64....
Hans Gidlöf Опубликовано в:

'TickCount' is deprecated: first deprecated in OS X 10.8

TickCount is deprecated 10.8. Of course you know that the Tickcount rolls over in approximately 2 years 3 months....
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