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On Ferora 21 Workstation when trying to install 5.7.5-2 version of Studio :

Transaction check error:
file / from install of vstudio-5.7.5-2.x86_64 conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.2-28.fc21.x86_64
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Konstantinos ,

Thank you for reporting.
We have fix manually 4 .rpm archives vstudio/vsrerver 32/64 bits for 5.7.5 build.
Fixed archives uploaded.
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Konstantinos Togias Ответ принят
Thanks for you quick response :)

The new RPM installs with no problem.

Please consider providing a repository for RPM based distros (and another for DEB based maybe), so that linux VStudio users will be able to get automatically new VStudio versions by just updating their system through their package manager. This way keeping VStudio up to date will be easier as we will not miss VStudio updates and we will not have to manually download the new package file from the web each time we notice there exists an update.

I have recently reviewed DB managent software for linux workstation and Valentina Studio is the most professional, feature reach, usable and stable free of charge solution I could find :) . The only drawback is that though it is free, it is not Open Source :( , but I can compromise with it as log as it runs properly on my linux system. Maybe you should consider opensourcing sometime the free version (or some components of it). Such a move would give huge momentum to Valentina technologies, as VStudio could become the default DB Management system for Linux Workstation (and generally free software) users. And currently there is a lack of such a mature open source DB Management software.

Finally I would like to ask you if there is any way (plugin?) to manage Oracle DBs through Valentina Studio.

Thank you.

An excited professional Valentina Studio for Linux user.

Konstantinos Togias
Web applications developer and system administrator
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Into 6.0 we adding MS SQL plugin. After that yes, we going to add Oracle too.
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