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I am developing a Xojo application using the Valentina ADK for Windows. This project connects to a remote VServer. Running the application in the Xojo IDE works fine - connections to the remote VServer are successful.

When I build the application in Windows, I cannot run the executable because it gives me a Runtime Error - Can't locate Framework.

Are there additional build steps to insure my standalone windows app can connect to a remote VServer?
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Well, yes of course, ADK and Valentina Studio cannot open the same database in the same time, because Valentina DB open DB in exclusive mode.

To work in such SHARE mode, you need put DB under VServer.

In fact this can be quite comfortable for development, because
* you can have vstudio connected as long as you want, while you start/debug/stop/fix/start your app
* in case your app crashes, VSERVER still is running, so DB is not stressed by crash of app.
* faster start of app for debug, because you do not need open db each time, it is already opened by VServer
* you can do even TEAM development around such VSERVER + DB.
* your app becomes prepared from beginning as for LOCAL mode, so for client-server. This is good, even if today you going deploy only LOCAL-mode app.
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Scott Ответ принят
Sorry for the delay in my response.

Through trial and error, it appears that if you are using DB ADK for an embedded database for your application, it must have an implicit instance. You cannot be connected to it in any way (for example: through VStudio to manage structure or data editing) when you either run or build through Xojo IDE. If there are no connections to the DB - it runs, builds, and compiles just fine.

Now that I am aware there are certain files that need to be copied to your build (or run) directory, my apps run just fine when I either build them or run them in the IDE after putting these required files in the correct directories.

So in a nutshell -

Implicit Instance
Nothing connected to the DB when running or editing data
Copy required files for build/run
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Scott,

1) I am confused a little. Your first post about Windows, IDE and VServer. Now you describe also MacOS, local dbs. Even subject above sounds as "Windows build". Please put separate issues into separate threads to simplify future search to other users.

2) It could be good if you give URL of tutorial you are trying.

3) I believe in our tutorials there is no use of
In Xojo IDE --> Insert, Database, New Valentina

These 2 commands are specific to Xojo, we do not need them at all, and they was not tested I think.

They are used to allow Xojo IDE to play role of simple GUI Manager to DB.
But you have Valentina Studio, much more powerful DB Editor.
No sense to use Xojo IDE for this purpose.

4) in Code you can as create so open Valentina database using
db.Create() or db.Open() methods of VDatabase class

5) Note that working from Xojo with Valentina DB you have few choices:

* to use native RBDB API described in XOJO docs. This way is good to converted EXISTED app in a fast way.

* But if you develop from scratch jt is a good idea to use Valentina API. Which provides much more power and control over Valentina DB.

6) You can provide via Mantis ZIP archive of project, which you have made. We can check it here.

7) Also note that in Tutorial near to start of page, should be ZIP archive of project -- ready for use.
You can try it to see if it work.

8) If you get crash on Mac OS X, you should see crash log. This crash log also can help you and us to see where is trouble.
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Scott Ответ принят
I would certainly follow those steps, provided I could get it to work from the very start.

Xojo 2013R2
Mac OS X 10.10.1

In Xojo IDE --> Insert, Database, New Valentina : app crashes
In Xojo IDE --> Insert, Database, Select Valentina : app crashes

I followed all the steps and code in the online tutorials and the app crashes upon running in the IDE. Won't work at all if I build the app.

I cannot connect to a local/embedded Valentina DB. I am trying very hard to like this DB, but no matter what I do, nothing works.

I will create and design a local Valentina DB in Visual Studio Pro (licensed) and I still cannot connect to the local DB.

I can connect to a VServer I have running on a Mac OS X Server no problem. I just can't get anything local to connect.

I don't want to pay for an ADK license just to find out it isn't what I need, or worst case, can't even get it to work - so I run it in demo mode passing in "" for license numbers.

What is it that I am doing wrong?

(P.S. I downloaded the tutorials from your web website and ran them locally on my machine and it still crashes.)
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Scott,

1) Do you try to run the compiled app on the same Windows machine where is installed Xojo IDE and V4RB ADK?

On the same machine it should work, because compiled app will use DLLs from folder:
/Program Files/Paradigma Software/vcomponents_win

On another (clean) computer app will not start without vcomponents.

2) YES, to prepare application for deployment to clean computers, you need to do few steps described here.

Btw, this step is required for both local and client apps. Nothing specific todo for App -> VServer.
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Johnny Harris Ответ принят
Are you sure the error is related to Valentina?

I would make sure the V4RB.dll file is located in the Xojo Libs folder.

I'm using Xojo 2014R3 with no build problems.
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