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This release of the product line includes new, powerful features including sub-forms for Valentina Forms, multi-threading and fixes.
Valentina Studio / Studio Pro
Developers can design Valentina Forms in Valentina Server Pro, but they can be used by end users within the free Valentina Studio, regardless of operating system.

  • [New] Forms for Queries
  • [New] Sub Forms for Tables, Views and Queries
  • [New] Show related records in the TableView using map of fields or map of parameters
  • [Fix] 8259 High CPU usage with SSH tunnel after switch between different internet connections

Valentina DB

  • [New] db.Diagnose() now works in multi-thread way if logging while diagnosing disabled

Valentina Server

  • [Chg] - Multi-threaded Valentina Server is now the official release of Valentina Server, after years of ongoing testing
  • [Fix] 8264 - Backup Database now works as expected

Valentina Release 8.3 products are immediately available for download from the download section of the Paradigma Software website.
  1. http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=2240
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