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Is Valentina Studio Pro required to create log files using Valentina_DebugLevel("kLogParams";)?
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Scott,

No, it is not expected.
Could you please add a location where this log is created and a few starting lines from it?
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Scott Roberts Ответ принят
Hi Sergey,

When I use Valentina in the Mac environment (LiveCode development), I get the log files as expected in the Applications/vlogs folder.

I recently installed Parallels Desktop on my Mac so that I could test in a Windows environment. (I also have a V4REV license for Windows.) However, when I test my application in the Windows environment, nothing is written to a log file. The only vlogs folder that I could find in the Windows environment is at AppData\Roaming\Valentina Studio. However, that folder is empty and no log files are created there.
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