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I'm experiencing an issue printing on Star TSP700 on windows 10

Printing test from operating system is okey.

Prinfing from xojo the reports is reduced almost 75%
printing from xojo to another printer report is okey.

I don't know the resason why reports printed from xojo app on star tsp700 are reduced almost 75%

the firist image is printed on Hp deskjet, and on the right you can see the report printed on star micronics
the second image is printed on start micronics, Paper is 3,1 inches
the third image is the report printed on hp deskjet

What's wrong ?


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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Jaume,

Printing from the Valentina Studio gives the same result, right?
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jaume Ответ принят
Hello Sergey,

it was a mesh with drivers, sorry.

As soon as saw the mesh I deleted the post.

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