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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can give me some insight into Data Transfer and Diffs.

I'm considering buying the Pro version of Valentina Studio, but the demo hampers the functionality, and the documentation isn't super clear.

Two areas of concern:

1) When performing a data transfer between two servers, are schemas copied as well the data? What about indexes, foreign keys, etc.? Will it perform an identity insert as needed?

2) When performing a diff, does it only diff the schema, or does it diff the data? Is it possible to use this feature to perform final syncs of only diffed data? And if so will it support identity inserts?

Very excited by this product. Thanks all for your help!

- Charles
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Charles,

Is it for SQL Server or PostgreSQL?
Support identity inserts - inserting existing values to identity fields, right?

1) Data Transfer is only for data.
For SQL Server, SET IDENTIFY_INSERT [table_name] ON/OFF is executed.
For PostgreSQL, it is necessary to change Generated Always property value to OFF to allow insertion.

If the value for a field is generated with NEXT VALUE FOR/nextval the sequence is updated automatically.

2) SQL Diff is for schema
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Charles Fahey Ответ принят
Thanks Sergey!

Sorry about that - I should have specified it is for (MS) SQL Server.

And thank you - this info is very helpful.

Have a great day!
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