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Valentina Release 13.5 is coming, but we are now able to expose a public beta of what is coming in this release. Two major features are coming for Valentina Reports and Valentina DB:

  • Valentina Reports for MongoDB. This is added to all Valentina Reports ADKs for deployment and, underlying report scripting in Valentina Studio, using both JSON and JavaScript.
  • Deterministic levels for User Defined Functions in ValentinaDB. This is explained in more detail (more docs coming) within the release notes.

Other improvements are coming as well. Updates to the beta will be posted here and downloadable.

Current beta: 13.5 b15

Got Valentina Reports ADK?
If you are getting updates to Valentina Reports ADK, Valentina Studio Pro and Valentina Server, you will get these new features at no additional cost.
  1. https://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v13/doku.php?id=valentina:releases:13.0:13.5
  2. http://valentina-db.com/download/beta/13.5b15/
  3. https://www.valentina-db.net/2023/08/17/valentina-13-5-beta-now-available/
  4. https://forum.xojo.com/t/valentina-beta-13-5-available-reports-for-mongodb-more/76954
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The beta version of Valentina Release 13.5b15 is available for download.

Check out the improvements and support for Valentina Reports for MongoDB!
  1. http://valentina-db.com/download/beta/13.5b15/
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