1. James Whitehead
  2. as Valentina DB Server
  3. Воскресенье, Сентябрь 24 2023, 03:52 AM
  4.  Подписаться через email
I'm trying out the Mail function on VServer. I've cut and pasted from the document examples to create a stored procedure. Here's my code:

Create Procedure SendReport()
DECLARE query_report VARCHAR( 256 ) DEFAULT
'REPORT "universal_report"."Report_Event_Artist"
FROM \"mssql://host = port = 1433 dbname = eios user = eios password = eios timeout=10 datalimit=65535 \"
USING \'SELECT * FROM Event_Artist\'

DECLARE cursor_report CURSOR FOR query_report;

OPEN cursor_report;
FETCH FIRST cursor_report INTO @report_data;
CLOSE cursor_report;

__FROM 'brad.whitehead@gmail.com'
__TO 'tom@luckymanonline.com'
__SUBJECT 'The Artist List'
__BODY 'View attachment, please.'
__ATTACH @report_data AS 'event_artist.pdf'
__SMTP 'smtp://smtp.gmail.com'
__PORT 465
__USER 'brad.whitehead@gmail.com'


When I try to create the procedure, I receive the error: Expecting "__smtp", Found "__SMTP". and the log has: "Kernel error: 0x71000. line 19:9: expecting "__smtp", found '__SMTP' "

This is Vserver 13.3 running on Ubuntu 22.04, with VStudio Pro 13.3.3. The VServer sees and can access the MS SQL database.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello James,

There is an issue in the SQL parser, a fix is made and will be available in the next build.
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James Whitehead Ответ принят
Thanks Sergey. I'll await the next build.
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