Stan Busk Опубликовано в:

Crash on exit

Hi, Quite often I get a crash when exiting the application: Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: 0 libvshared_fat_release_x64.dylib 0x000000010e986b9a fbl::String::String() + 26 1 libvkernel_fat_release_x64.dylib 0x000...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 Developer Tools Bundle Announced

Get the top developer tools and third party components for the Xojo cross-platform development platform at a huge savings. The last day of this offer is September 10, 2019. Yes, the final day! Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 is a collection of the mo...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

What's New in Omegabundle for Xojo 2019

Omegabundle for Xojo 2019 is now available and includes the best third party add-ons, extensions and more for Xojo. Many of the products this year, in addition to supporting the 'regular' desktops also support Raspbian. Get some feedback here on what...
Dmitriy Опубликовано в:

Commercial use of Valentina Studio Free

Hi! I am an employee of a large company and I have installed a free version of Valentine Studio. It is installed on a computer that is part of the company’s network and I will use it for commercial purposes. The IT department of my company has a que...
Roddney Colman Опубликовано в:

call report using xojo and sql server

i used xojo and tray to call a report following the video sample and to conect to sql server but the aplication crash in connection this is my code, in the line 3 give a error, please some body have idea how to fix tks a lot try dim conn as VC...
Helge Tjelta Опубликовано в:

Backupevent with encrypted database

Is it possible to have a scheduled event for backup of a database? I'm currently testing on 9.3.2, and no go... Has it changed for later versions?...
François Van Lerberghe Опубликовано в:

Can you explain with more details the MaxTransferTimeout parameter for VServer ?

What's the meaning of MaxTransferTimeout parameter for VServer ? Does it depend on the connection speed (ethernet, wifi, ...) ? Does it depend on the cursor size ?...
François Van Lerberghe Опубликовано в:

How to find the best value for CacheSize parameter in Server

Hello, I want to set the optimum value of the CacheSize parameter for my embedded vServer. How can I find it ? Currently the database have 60 tables. Some of my customers have 3 tables with 100,000 to 200,000 records and 2 tables around 500,000 ...
Shanon Hart Опубликовано в:

Visual Editor

I'm confused on how to work with the visual query editor. If I choose to "save" a query that i've built where does it get saved? It doesn't seem that I can edit the name of it ( I can edit the tab name, but not the saved query name), and ca...
Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

Problems with XOJO when create sqlite DB in Valentina Studio

Hi I create new DB using VSTUDIO 9.1.4 on mac and when i try to run select from any table in my DB have error table doesn't exist....
François Van Lerberghe Опубликовано в:

Invalid identifier error in client request

Hello, I can see in some Log files : ERROR 0x82513: An invalid identifier (0x942D140) was specified while processing client request. I suppose it's an error in my code and I want to eliminate it. What's the meaning of that error ? What's "...
François Van Lerberghe Опубликовано в:

How to find the best value for Threads parameter in VServer INI file ?

Actually, I have 4 to 5 clients connected to my embedded server. Each one having around 2 to 8 cursors opened (but this can be more, around 15 sometimes). What parameters must I take into consideration to find the best value for Threads parameter in...
Alexis Colon Lugo Опубликовано в:

Fill a ListBox on XOJO from sqlite rest api

Hi Do you have an example of read from sqlite rest and fill ListBox with the data. i am using iOS_vSQLite_Fast thanks...
Steve Albin Опубликовано в:

Question regarding use of ILIKE

I've upgraded from Valentina 6.3 to Valentina 9. I'm now seeing in the release notes the introduction of the ILIKE SQL keyword. Previously, my app did all case insensitive searches. I'm now seeing that some searches are case sensitive. From wh...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina Release 9.5.2 Updates, Improves Valentina Studio

This update provides fixes, updates and improvements to both the free Valentina Studio database management tool on macOS, Windows and Linux, as well as the commercial Valentina Studio Pro. Valentina Studio / Valentina Studio Pro Valentina Studio...
Richard Albrecht Опубликовано в:

Symbolic Links

I have a question. I'm trying to deploy to Xojo cloud an app that uses the adk. In the current server the Libs Directory has 4 symbolic links that point to like named files, like: has a symbolic link libvclient_releas...
Richard Albrecht Опубликовано в:

ADK says Report Missing in project, it isn't!

I have a project that has a report named in it, but when I run My xojo app it says that report is not in that project. What's weird is it worked fine, then I made a small change to the reports and now it can't find it. If I open it in studio it's the...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina 9.5.1 Updates for Studio, Valentina Reports, Increases Valentina DB Speed

Valentina Release 9.5.1 provides key fixes and improvements based on recent feedback from our customers. Valentina Studio Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database ...
Sergey Pashkov Опубликовано в:

Xojo project Byte Order Mark issue

Recently we discovered that the Xojo project may contain Byte Order Mark in the source code. When BOM is inside the query text, database engines (SQLite, Valentina DB) are unable to execute this query, showing errors, not so easy to understand (BOM ...
Jon Moody Опубликовано в:

How to order a 2nd copy of Omegabundle

I want to order a second copy of the Omegabundle for a colleague. Should we create a second account or use the existing account, but use his contact details on the order?...

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