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Chandresh Bhavsar Опубликовано в:

V4CC framework 12.1 issue on javascript

I just want point out that I have recently update to V4CC framework. The pre place script not working in framework 12 I installed back to 11.1 framework and it's working fine...
Chandresh Bhavsar Опубликовано в:

V4CC ADK not able to deploy on user computer

Hello, I'm trying to deploy Valentina reports ADK for cocoa app. I'm not able to deploy on user computer. The ADK is working in development mode.. But on user's computer it crashes.. Please help me deploy Valentina reports ADK....
David Naval Опубликовано в:

ValentinaInit() crash developing C++ Photoshop Plugin Mac

Hi, I made a upgrade from Valentina ADK C++ from version 9 to version 11 to compile my application as Mac universal (x86_64 and arm64). I just replaced the dylib's and update the serials in my application and I get a crash on call 'ValentinaInit'....
Frank Lemke Опубликовано в:

V4CC for Apple Silicon

Hi, is there any info about when you may have (a beta version of) V4CC for Apple Silicon (universal binary) available? Thanks Frank...
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