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B M Опубликовано в:

Valentina Studio Pro and Oracle

This is just a question. Will you ever, or is it even possible, to provide support to connect to Oracle (not through ODBC)? Thanks....
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina Release 9.3 Improves SQL Editor, ADKs and Server Query Speed

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 9.3 with improvements across all reporting, database and forms products. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina S...
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9.1.4 schema editor performance issues

I have noticed that with very large tables in PostgreSQL 11, studio 9.1.4 takes either a VERY long time to show tables in the schema editor or it does not open them at all and I have to crash studio to recover (Windows). I am talking about tables w...
PontoNet Sistemas Опубликовано в:

Help for print a Report on .NET, using query prepared in VStudo

Hello. Here is my objective: I would like to create a project in Valentina Studio with the database and the query already set in the project, then i would like to call the project on my .NET app (VB.NET) and just print de report that i made before...
B M Опубликовано в:

v9.1 changes broke schema editor customization functionality

It appears there are some regression bugs creeping into v9.1 which were not present in v9.0. This is a new one related to the "look and feel" of the application (yes, I have noticed the change to how it looks now, changes between 9.1 and 9...
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Data transfer issues in Studio Pro 9.1

There is something strange going on with data transfer in Studio Pro. First some background: 1. Source db: Postgres 11 2. Target db: Postgres 10 The Postgres version should make no difference as we are talking about a simply table mapping. P...
Erik Segerdell Опубликовано в:

Customizing items in a Combo Box menu in forms

Hello -- We'd like to customize the items in a combo box in a form, so that users will choose from meaningful text labels which would be mapped to the actual values that are recorded in the database. For example, there might a Lab table with 3 rows: ...
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Licensing question about Valentina Studio Pro

Question to our friends from Valentina: I purchased a license for my Valentina Studio Pro for Windows. I also have a Linux workstation where I am working from. Do I have to purchase a separate license for the Linux version as well? Thanks....
Crescenzio Gallo Опубликовано в:

VStudio SQL Editor Parameters not functioning

I have downloaded VStudioPro 8.6 and tried to use the new useful Parameters feature in the SQL Editor window. But unfortunately I always get from MySql a syntax error just around the parameter (see screenshot). My query looks like: SELECT * FROM t...
Crescenzio Gallo Опубликовано в:

1) Function browser disappeared in SQL Editor window 2) SQL Editing Color Scheme not functioning

I have just upgraded my old Valentina Studio Pro 7.0.4 to the new version 8.6.3. All works fine but I noted two disappointing differences: 1) In the SQL Editor window the option "fx Functions..." (located in the top right corner before &qu...
Michael Ayres Опубликовано в:

Download V StudioPro without purchase process when I already have purchased and have license

I purchased V StudioPro and have key and proof of purchase, but not StudioPro SW download, only the free Studio. Where can I download V StudioPro without goring through a second purchase. I only see download of StudioPro within a new purchase process...
Doug Handy Опубликовано в:

Missing property inspector in VS Pro

I can no longer see the Property Inspector pane in VS Pro. Currently using 8.3.3 (64-bit) in macOS 10.11. Tried: - Toggling menu View -> Property Inspector - Menu View -> as Columns/Diagrams/Tree (always used Columns though) - Prefere...
B M Опубликовано в:

SQL Editor formatting annoyances.....

Unless I missed it, will you add more advanced SQL Editor formatting capabilities beyond what you allow today? Besides a color scheme and a few check-boxes under "Editor" tab, there does not seem to be anything else to fine tune code forma...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina Forms Introductory Overview Video Added to Valentina Docs

Check out the new video added on the Valentina Studio Pro video page over on the Valentina wiki. You can also view it right here: More videos will get added as requests come in. We wanted to get an overview out sooner rather than later as Vale...
Humberto R. Baptista Опубликовано в:

Undefined fields make Valentina Studio Crash

Hi, I noticed that when we point a report to a different data source on Valentina Studio Pro (v. 8.0.2) and some old fields (which are not defined in the new data source) are referenced in the grouping or sorting (and even in print_if expressions)...
B M Опубликовано в:

Search field/button on the database form

You mentioned that Sergey is working on providing short tutorial lessons on how to use your newly added database forms. Could you, please, also include a lesson on how to add a search field on a form and link it with underlying components? Browsing...
B M Опубликовано в:

Data forms in Valentina studio and views....

It might seem like an odd question to some but can you create forms in just released form editor (Valentina Studio v8) based off of the views and not tables? As of now it seems to me that you can't because views are not even presented as a viable se...
B M Опубликовано в:

Valentina Studio 8 released but where are the forms?

I was looking forward to Valentina v8 release after getting a test of what's to come through earlier attached video (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7brj3659gy4pmim/vsforms2.mp4?dl=0). But surprise, surprise, it's not there. When are you planning on incl...
B M Опубликовано в:

Confusing column layout feature in Studio/Studio Pro

I am at a loss now how the "save column/order layout feature" is supposed to work. So I arrange columns the way I want to see them, save its layout, reopen table again and everything is reset to the "sort by column filed" from th...
B M Опубликовано в:

Incorrect record count in table property view

Please, take a look at attached screenshot. You will notice that the studio does not sort record count numerically under table properties views. Instead it treats everything as a string....
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