Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Disk based data storage, with over eight different modes for storing your data on disk - including temporary disk based options for tables and fields.

Flexible Disk Based Data Storage

Valentina DB internal file system lets you store data using up to eight modes to split data, or you can choose to store your data in one, single logical file. Store your schema, data, indexes, BLOBs and temporary volumes as your project requires.

  • Database Structure. You can have a single data file that only describes the database structure, such as tables, fields, constraints, relations,and more.
  • Custom Data. Valentina DB can have a data file that describes any custom data.
  • Binary Data. Valentina DB can have a data file that contains all of the binary data in the database, such as BLOBs, pictures and other objects.
  • Index Data. Valentina DB can store indexes separately.
  • Temporary Data. Valentina DB can store temporary structures and data separately. This file is automatically created

Database models usually follow a disk-based or RAM-based model, or more uncommonly, a hybrid system. Valentina uses both models, interactively - Valentina disk-based and RAM-based databases can use the same API.