Stable 9.6.3

Released on:
10.10.2019 00:00

Valentina for Xojo installer contains:

  • Valentina Database ADK
  • Valentina Reports ADK
  • Valentina Client (to Valentina Server)


You should obtain one serial for each OS where you going to deploy your app. You can order them in our online store:

These serials you should enter into calls, Valentina.Init() or Valentina.InitReports(). Please notice that Valentina.InitClient() does not require serials at all because any VCLIENT is free.



Starting from 6.1 version 'ValentinaPlugin.xojo_plugin' contains 32 and 64 bit versions of plugins for each OS (mac, win, linux). Also installer installs both 'vcomponents' and 'vcomponents_64' to your computer for your OS.


We have many videos. You may want to check first of all these videos:

* Valentina for Xojo Installation: Linux, MacOS, Windows.

* Release Notes -- link into our WIKI pages with Release Notes.

* Change Log -- link into our bug tracker Mantis. Choose in the top right menu a Valentina Product you want to see.

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