Paradigma Software announces technology release 8.5 with improvements to its flagship product Valentina Studio and Valentina Studio Pro.

Beaverton, Oregon USA based Paradigma Software, Inc. releases the next generation of its advanced database and reporting tools, servers and developer components. All new and update products come with 12 months of free updates. At the end of the 12 months, all commercial versions continue to function. You only have to renew or upgrade if you want to receive more updates.

Valentina Studio 8.5

Available on Linux, Windows and MacOS, Valentina Studio is a powerful and free database management tool for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite and ValentinaDB. With Technology Release 8, the platform introduced Valentina Forms. Developers can build, script and deploy Valentina Forms through Valentina Studio Pro 8.5 ($199 per platform or $399.99 for Universal). Projects with JavaScript scriptable Valentina Forms that can be deployed on Valentina Server or directly to end users using the free version of Valentina Studio. Valentina Studio Pro also includes powerful features including forward engineering diagramming, visual SQL Query Builder, SQLDIFF, visual Report Designer, Database Continuous Integration tools and more. New features include:

  • Valentina SQL Editor. New commands for moving lines, statements and elements makes it easier to edit and format SQL. New to PRO.
  • Valentina JavaScript Editor. The Script Editor now supports auto-complete for JavaScript objects and classes
  • JavaScript Based Report Printing. Valentina Form objects now work with Valentina Projects and Valentina Reports through JavaScript scripts associated with Form controls. New to PRO.
  • Improved Microsoft Excel Integration. You can copy-paste directly from Microsoft Excel directly into tables in the Data Editor. New to PRO.
  • Use Cursors with ValentinaDB Server. Working with cursors remotely with Valentina Server greatly speed up performance.

Both free Valentina Studio 8.5 and commercial Valentina Studio Pro 8.5 are immediately available for download and purchase.

Valentina Server 8.5

Valentina Server 8.5 is a data platform solution on all major development environments on Linux (x86 and ARM7 for Raspberry PI), Windows and macOS. Valentina Server 8.5 incorporates Valentina Reports Server, Valentina DB Database Server and Valentina SQLite Database Server, with native client APIs allows high level integration with most application and web development environments and languages, including .NET, ODBC, Java, C++, C, Xojo, LiveCode, PHP, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, and others. A mature implementation of REST support makes Valentina Server features available to any environment that supports REST. iOS developers can also use the free Valentina client library to work with Valentina Server.  Valentina Reports Server works with many datasources, allows generation of reports from MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and ValentinaDB, with reports served as web pages, images, PDF, LateX, email and more. Valentina Server 8.5 extends the serving of Valentina Forms to include programmatic access to Projects and Reports using JavaScript. Valentina Server 8.5 is available in two configurations:

  • Valentina Server 8.5 (standalone). A single deployment solution on one OS including all Valentina Server 8 features, plus all updates and upgrades that are released within 12 months. $299 and up, depending on configuration.
  • Valentina Developer Network. Developers and ISVs can deploy Valentina Server 8 to their customers bundled with their solutions, royalty free and in unlimited numbers. $599 and up, depending on configuration.

A free version of Valentina Server 8.5 is available to academics and the education and research market. A non-time limited, personal evaluation version is also available so that non-academics can evaluate Valentina Server for commercial or other purposes.

Valentina 8.5 for Applications

Paradigma Software Application Developer Kits are available for all major development environments on Linux, Windows and macOS and allow developers to extend their applications with advanced database and business analytics reporting.

  • Valentina DB ADK 8.5 ($199) allows developers to incorporate the object-relational, Valentina DB into their standalone applications, deployable royalty free on all major development environments on Linux (x86 and ARM7 for Raspberry PI), Windows and MacOS.
  • Valentina Reports ADK 8 ($199) allows developers to build report generation into their applications, featuring custom scriptable reports objects. It allows generation of reports from many data sources including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB, with reports served as web pages, images, PDF, LateX and more. Apps are deployable royalty free on all major development environments on Linux (x86 and ARM7 for Raspberry PI), Windows and macOS.

Valentina Studio 8.5, Valentina Server 8.5 and all Valentina 8.5 ADKs are immediately available for download and licensing through the Paradigma Software website.

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Paradigma Software launched its first product in the 1990s, the post-relational, columnar database technology Valentina, based on the groundbreaking work of Ruslan Zasukhin in advanced database research. Mr Zasukhin's research was to develop a database system that bypassed the severe constraints on traditional relational database systems as they grow in size and complexity. Valentina maximizes available resources by making data based tasks extremely fast and efficient - even on industry standard Linux running on older hardware. Paradigma Software Incorporated is based on Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software has additional offices for development and sales in Germany and Japan.