Paradigma Software announces Valentina Studio 5.2.5 and updates to all products including Valentina Server and developer products.

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Studio 5.2.5 plus updates to the entire Valentina product line. Valentina Studio 5.2.5 lets you manage, query and administer popular databases including MySQL, Postgre, SQLite and Valentina DB. Valentina Studio 5.2.5 is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux for free.

  • Improved importing data from CSV files, ODBC importing of Visual Fox Pro and Filemaker data
  • Sync tree of databases from the Diagram Editor with a selected database in Columns/Tree View
  • Server administration better reports connection and other errors
  • Improved auto-completion in SQL Editor: show light grey prediction, more info, cmd+. shortcut
  • Improved work with Favorite Queries of SQL Editor. Can be changed order, renamed, changed text, …
  • Improved search in SQL Editor
  • Social media links to Facebook and Twitter for Valentina Studio news

Valentina Studio Pro 5.2 has additional features over Valentina Studio, including Query Builder, SQL DIFF, database diagramming and a powerful visual Reports Designer. Reports generated from Valentina Studio 5 can be exported as web pages, PDF and images. Valentina Studio Pro is available for $199.

Developer solutions for local applications allow incorporating the ultra fast Valentina DB and Valentina Reports engines into desktop applications and cost $199 per platform. Valentina ADK (application developer kits) for Valentina DB and Valentina Reports integrate the new features available in the Valentina kernel.

All other products include base improvements with the 5.2.4 release including:

  • Improved multi-character separators in list functions
  • Improved join results in some circumstances
  • Fixed get_Query() of I_Cursor for SHOW VIDENTS

Valentina Reports ADK integrates visually rich business reports into applications. Valentina Reports 5 supports connectivity to MySQL / MariaDB, Valentina DB, Postgre, SQLite and ODBC data sources, with royalty free deployment.

Valentina DB ADK allows developers to build local datastores using the ultra fast Valentina DB engine and to connect to remote Valentina Server, with royalty free deployment.

All products are immediately available from the Paradigma Software website.