Valentina Reports ADK Features In Depth

Serve enterprise ready reports from MongoDB with Valentina

MongoDB is a open source cross-platform document-oriented database that you can manage using Paradigma Software Valentina Studio data management software.

Valentina Reports for MongoDB is a part of Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina Server with Release 13.5.

Valentina Reports ADK for MongoDB

Valentina Reports CLIENT is the driver portion of Valentina Reports ADK that can communicate remotely with Valentina Server. Valentina Reports ADK also licensed on a platform basis for incorporating an advanced reporting system into your applications. Valentina Reports ADK works with all supported databases, and not only MongoDB.

Valentina Reports are designed in the Reports Designer in Valentina Studio PRO. You can work in either JSON or JavaScript.

Valentina Reports for Mongo Query Editor: JSON Valentina Reports for Mongo Query Editor: JavaScript


Valentina Server for MongoDB: Generating Reports for MongoDB

If you need to take your reporting solution further to a local network or the cloud, Valentina Server incorporates  a complete, enterprise class Reports Server that works with MongoDB as a data-source.