Just for Ducks

Welcome students and academics of University of Oregon!

Paradigma Software, Inc was founded in Oregon in 2004 with alumni from University of Oregon. For this reason we are kicking off our free license month in 2018 by supporting you first of all universities in the world to put tools in your hands that help you build the applications and infrastructure of the future.

During the month of May, 2018, you can get a free license of Valentina Studio Pro, our flagship data management and design tool, available on Linux, Windows and MacOS. Do not wait as we are evaluating this program and limiting the time to a single month for Valentina Studio Pro.

How to get your free license of Valentina Studio Pro

  • Create an account using your University of Oregon email address ( using uoregon.edu or subdomains)
  • Order one of our free Valentina Studio licenses for the OS version you want of PRO, and make sure you fill in your user / order information just as you would for regular license (name, address, etc)
  • Wait patiently while we process your order (we batch process several times a day)

After you do this, we will assign you an academic standing account and also add the free Valentina Studio Pro license to your account.

Where to download Valentina Studio Pro

You can download Valentina Studio Pro from the download section of our website. Typically Valentina Studio Pro receives an update at least once a month, and your license allows for 12 months of free updates.

Where to get help with Valentina Studio Pro

The easiest place to get help is on our official forum where there is a community of knowledgeable users who can help.



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