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Valentina really is sensitive to encodings. I thought I was losing what was left of my mind. Here is the problem:

I got very simple SQL to export some data:

dim theSQL as string = "select *, Recid from Attachment where MailID = " + Str(theMailID) + " and AttachmentName = '" + AttachmentNames(0) + "'"
dim theCursor as VCursor = theDatabase.SqlSelect(theSQL, EVCursorLocation.kServerSide, EVLockType.kNoLocks, EVCursorDirection.kRandom)

When testing the RecordCount of the cursor is 1. Everything is fine.

Then I want to use a VPreparedStatement instead and use:

dim theSQL as String = "select *, recid from Attachment where mailid = ? and AttachmentName = ?"
dim thePrepared as VPreparedStatement = theDatabase.Prepare(theSQL)
thePrepared.BindInt64(0, theMailID)
thePrepared.BindText(1, AttachmentNames(0))
dim theCursor as VCursor = thePrepared.SqlSelect(EVCursorLocation.kServerSide, EVLockType.kNoLocks, EVCursorDirection.kRandom)

RecordCount of the cursor is 0. The SQL is so simple, but the prepared statements are impossible to debug. Then I thought: wait, Valentina is picky with encodings. And when checking the data in AttachmentNames(0) I saw that the encoding of the data was ASCII instead of UTF8. After defining the correct encoding everything works fine.

Bug or feature?
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
I wonder, names were German?
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Beatrix Willius Ответ принят
No, the problem occurs for plain ASCII data. If had unicode names I would have seen the problem much easier.
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