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Can someone explain me the steps to connect from a Mac to a server installed on Windows ?

I have installed VServer_x64 on a Windows 8 computer. Bonjour service is registered ( as PC-Win8._valentina._tcp.local, according to the log file)
My client application is installed on a MacOS 10.6.
In both computer I've plugged an Ethernet cable and both have IP address.
Trying to connect with the client (my application or VStudio) installed on the same computer is working well

But I cannot create a new VConnection if I try to connect from a Mac.
Trying to connect with VStudio Mac or my MacOS application (host = the IP address of the Windows computer) give me a 0x82000 error (cannot establish VC_Connection with the server).
Note that I've no problem to connect to the PC in the Finder and I can copy files to or from one or another.

Must I share the VServer_x64 folder ? Must I open the port in the firewall ? Must I give another value for the host address ?
I'm a bit lost.
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello, François

You have to open Valentina Server ports.

Here how I did that:
1) Go to "Control Panel"->"System and Security"->"Windows Firewall"
2) Click "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall"
3) Click "Change settings" button
4) Click "Allow another app" button
5) Click "Browse..." and select "c:\Program Files\Paradigma Software\VServer x64\VServer_x64.exe" (or 32-bit equivalent)
6) Click "Add"
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François Van Lerberghe Ответ принят

That's exactly what I needed. This is working well now.
BTW, it could be nice to have such information in the wiki (or have I miss this page ?)...

Thank you.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
I have added this info to vserver installation on win,
and to FAQ pages: vserver and win os
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