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Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina Studio?
How i can insert reports in Xojo Apps?
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Andres,

* Here you can find our online Demos and Examples about Valentina Reports, and usage of them in Xojo, PHP, ...

* Here you can find videos about Valentina Studio Pro and its Report Editor, and how to use this or that controls.

* One more video-lesson:
Reports And Xojo Web: http://youtu.be/iSdF-FBUGHo

* Here you can find FAQ about Reports
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
At minimum you need

a) Valentina Studio Pro to design reports

b) V4RB ADK - Valentina for REALBasic - use old name for Xojo.
Install it to your dev machine and drop plugin.
Again if needed exists video lessons how to install it

c) Optionally can be use Valentina Server as Report Server.
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