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  3. Вторник, Февраль 28 2017, 11:32 AM
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Paradigma Software announces Valentina technology release 7.0.2. The updates in this release include:

Release Notes

Valentina Studio 7.0.2

  • [Fix] 7884 - Changing the locale for a Valentina DB database
  • [Fix] 7885 - Interactive parameters values for date or time formatted using Valentina format methodology
  • [Fix] 7886 - Exporting to CSV

Valentina Example Code for Xojo, SQLite Server

  • [Imp] Example for Valentina SQLite Server: Examples/RBDB_way/SqliteExampleModified updated to be consistent with the current example of Xojo. Also update Valentina WIKI tutorial
  • [Imp] Now log file "v4rb_log_main.txt" will be shown only for debug build in Xojo IDE, but not in the compiled app

Valentina Release 7.0.2 is immediately available for downloadfrom the Paradigma Software website.
  1. http://valentina-db.com/en/all-downloads
  2. http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=2034
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